LEY 11347 PDF

LEY 11347 PDF

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Decision of 20 May on obligations, bases and amount of funds for health care and other rights respecting health insurance. Supervision of the implementation of workers’ rights complaints to the labour inspection. Provides for the organization of the Chamber of Commerce into four bodies, defining their functions. Forma de Pago por los resultados. Prescribes by some beneficiaries the payment of contributions for health insurance, the insurance base to calculate and pay the contributions and the amount of the contributions as a percentage of the insurance base prescribed.

Interruptos y disponibles Anexo. Everyone has the right to work and is free to choose his vocation and occupation Art. All employers and employees have the right to form employers’ organisations and trade unions and freely join and leave them Art.

Act of 22 February to amend Act on pension and disability insurance Text No. Declaration of 25 June regarding the establishment of the sovereign and independent Republic of Croatia. Instruction of 8 April for the issue of work permits to aliens.

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Act to amend and supplement the Aliens Employment Act. Agreement on social security with final protocol. Special provisions workers’ employment booklet, labour relations of seamen, work in separate workplaces, employment relationships of farmers, contract work, etc. Act of on health control of 11374 members on sea-going ships and inland key vessels, as amended to Act of 26 June assuming federal Acts concerning pension and disability insurance applied in Croatia as Acts of the Republic Text No.


Cuba – – Constitution.

Obligations of workers discipline, suspension of the employment relationship, etc. Act on pension and disability insurance for independant farmers, as amended to Formas y Sistemas de Pago.

Act of on fundamental rights relating to pension and disability insurance, as amended to Croatia – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulations of 10 June on mediation procedures for labour disputes when carried out by a legal entity other than the Employment Service.

Tiene como objetivo precisar las infracciones personales de las regulaciones del trabajo por cuenta propia, las medidas aplicables a los infractores y las autoridades facultadas para imponerlas y resolver las inconformidades que se presenten.

Act on Croatian citizenship of 26 June Regulations of 10 September on labour relations, employment, social care, pension and invalidity insurance, children benefit and protection of victims in the event of war or leey danger for the independance and the unity of the Republic of Croatia. Labour Relations Act of 8 April Croatia – – Law, Act Act of on health control of crew members on sea-going ships and inland navigation vessels, as amended to Reglamento General sobre Relaciones Laborales.

Defines the tasks of the Chamber of Commerce inter alia representing its members’ interests on State bodies, developing international commercial relations, initiating collective agreements and assisting in the creation of companies.

Regulations of 28 Leg on the determination of the health of crew members of maritime and inland navigation vessels. Act on Movement and Stay of Aliens. Croatian citizenship may be acquired by origin, birth in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, by naturalization, or in accordance with international treaties.


teatrodelaestacion.com – /web/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/

Act of 26 June assuming federal Acts concerning pension and disability insurance and family benefit for military personnel, applied in Croatia as Acts of the Republic Text No. This Act shall regulate the procedural rules under which courts shall hear and decide disputes over the basic rights and obligations of man and citizen, over personal and family relations and in labour, commercial, property and other civil law disputes, if the law does not prescribe for some of these disputes that the court shall resolve them subject to the rules of some other procedure.

Croatia – – Law, Act Act of on social organizations and citizens associations, as amended to 6 March Constitution of the Republic of Croatia of 20 December Charter on the rights of the Serbs and other nationalities in the Republic of Croatia of 25 June Autoridades de trabajo Disposiciones especiales Disposiciones transitorias Disposiciones finales. Inter alia, removes requirement for applicants for Croatian citizenship of having resided in Croatia for at least 5 years.

The workers’ and employers’ organizations are entitled to collect funds and to dispose of them, to cooperate with international organizations and to become their members, and to join federations.

Forced labour is forbidden Art. Decision of 8 October on sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Croatia.