Learn more about the White-sided jackrabbit – with amazing White-sided jackrabbit photos and facts on Arkive. Lepus callotis. White-sided Jackrabbit. Order: Lagomorpha Family: Leporidae · Image of Lepus callotis. Click to enlarge this image. (78 kb). Conservation Status: . Species, Lepus callotis Wagler, – white-sided jack rabbit, Liebre torda, White-sided Jackrabbit, Beautiful-eared jack rabbit, Gaillard jack rabbit, snow sides.

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Lepus callotis may also occupy underground shelters, but this behavior is rare. B Specific Lepus callotis Information Breeding behaviour similar to that of the Lepus californicus – Black-tailed jackrabbit.

There is very little data specific to this species so the details below are from general lagomorph information. Museum Catalogue number Country State Lat.

The information presented herein should facilitate proposals for future research, and conservation and management pepus. B Leverets remain hidden within dense vegetation, and the female visits them in order to nurse them.

It rarely occupies underground calloti 5.

White-sided Jackrabbit (Lepus callotis) ·

Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help! General Information The majority of hares and rabbits are non-territorial; some hares occupy home ranges of up to ha acres. Species of Lepus that live in settled areas are often considered pests because of the damage they to crops, orchards, and young forest trees. Help us improve the site by taking our survey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The white-sided jackrabbit lepud only found in North America, where it is distributed from south-western New Mexico in the U.


White-sided jackrabbit

MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite Arkive images and videos and share them with friends. General Information Most dallotis of lagomorph reach sexual maturity relatively early.

The head is a cream buff color, mixed with black, with whitish areas around the sides of the eyes. The forepaws are not used in feeding except to brace Lepus callotis against the ground as the grass is callootis off or uprooted. Nocturnal Active at night. Glossary Monogamous Having only one mate during a breeding season, or throughout the breeding life of a pair.

Lepus callotis – White-sided jackrabbit (Species)

Navarrete for her help drawing Figure 2. Some sexual dimorphism is present; females are generally larger than the males. General Information Lepus spp.

General Information Leporids only release milk once in every 24 hour period. When startled by a or alarmed by a predator, they leap straight upwards while extending the hind legs and flashing the white sides. The median black line of the rump is not strongly distinguishable and does not extend much further than the base of the tail.

General Information Leporids have a short tail. B Specific Lepus callotis information In this species, the hind foot is relatively short. Specific Lepus callotis Information Males are smaller than females.

Savannas are grasslands with scattered individual trees that do not form a closed canopy. The eyes, like those of most nocturnal animals or animals that are active at dusk, are laterally arranged, giving them a complete field of vision degrees. General Information Leverets are precocial and are born into surface-depression forms. The long fringes on the anterior edge of the ear are ochraceous buff, while the fringes of the tip of the ear and posterior edge are white. Johns Hopkins University Press.


Distribution and numbers of the white-sided jackrabbit Lepus callotis gaillardi in New Mexico. VerNet, Bednarz and Sopyn WildEarth Guardians – White-sided jackrabbit April, http: Sex Location description Elev. When startled by or alarmed by a predatorit leaps straight upwards while extending the hind legs and flashing the white sides.

Mammal species of the world: The male defends against intruding males. Lagomorphs are well adapted for obtaining the greatest possible value from their food. The purpose of such pair bonds may be to keep the sexes together in areas of low density. The white-sided jackrabbit has three types of vocalizations. Scientific notes Distribution, status and conservation needs of the white-sided jackrabbit, Lepus callotis Lagomorpha.

Most callotis of the white-sided jackrabbit occurs during the night or at duskparticularly on clear nights with bright moonlight.

Circuito exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, Del. New Mexico Game and Fish Department. The collections with the most specimens are in the U. It avoids areas of hills or mountains.