Michelle Dean writes about Vera Caspary and her novel “Laura.” She was a “ career girl” avant la lettre and never seems to have pictured or. Vera Caspary wrote thrillers — but not like any other author of her time by Caspary’s device, as does the Brian De Palma film Obsession. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Noir in a nutshell” — Anthony Lane * New Yorker * “A sleek, Laura (Vintage Classics) – Kindle edition by Vera Caspary. Download it.

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Caspary joined the Communist party under an alias, but not being totally committed and at odds with its code of secrecy, she claimed to have confined her activities to fund-raising and hosting meetings. When she had saved enough money, she quit these sorts of jobs in order to stay at home and write “something meaningful. Caspary moved to London toward the end of the war caepary be with her lover, exiled Austrian film producer Isidor “Igee” Goldsmith.

Would best describe this as hard boiled noir. Although she soon left the party after becoming disillusioned, Caspary’s leftist leanings would later come back to haunt her when she was greylisted from Hollywood in the s for Communist sympathies. It was while working in Austria on the musical adaptation of Daddy Long LegsCaspary learned she had been added to the gray list and told to abandon the project.

Views Read Edit View history. When Lydecker says things like “I have been known to sh Vera Caspary is playing a dangerous game. In AprilCaspary used the profits of a Hollywood story sale to travel to Russia to “see how people lived” in what the Daily Worker had described as a paradise. On a rainy night in Laura’s alura 5th Caxpary walk-up apartment, while McPherson sits underneath her painting looking through her diary, searching for a clue to her murder, Caspary suddenly turns an already great mystery-romance novel into a classic.

Laura by Vera Caspary

A quick look at her biographical notes online offer a few suggestions and furthermore point to several autobiographical notes in her most famous novel. Its plot was reminiscent of Fannie Hurst ‘s Imitation of Lifeabout a Southern black woman who moves North and passes as white. This is one of the few instances where the film outshines the book, but only because I adore Gene Tierney and much prefer the ending re-written for the film. Colliersserial ; Houghton Mifflinbook.


I should have been an actor. Over the island hung a fog that smelled and felt like water in which too many sodawater glasses have been washed. Yet, it wasn’t the movie. He has recently recovered from being shot, and so not only is he gaining a reputation for being smart and creative, but he has also proven his metal as well. Paperbackpages. The story is told in multiple voices by the men who loved Laura.

This classic mystery-romance is sometimes overshadowed by the caspaey film it spawned a couple of years later, starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. Igee was devastated at the loss, he would never get to be the bread winner of the couple. With nearly all of Lauar Caspary’s work now out of print, she is most remembered in larua with Otto Preminger’s classic noir film Laura, based on her eponymous novel.

Above all this, however, Caspary paints a picture vefa Laura that allows us to understand how McPherson has fallen in love with a dead girl, because we have also. Men who help men expect loyalty in return, but men who help women expect compliance.

That was actually one of my favorite things about this book. If you are a fan of noir classics and stylish writing, I’d absolutely recommend trying this one out. This isn’t so much a whodunnit as a examination of human character. Vera Caspary died in June The reviews were better than she had hoped and some people speculated that it was written by a black woman who was indeed passing.

Vera Caspary

Sitting at my desk, pen in hand, I treasured the sense that among those millions, only I, Waldo Lydecker, was up and doing. I read an article about a book written inwhich, unfortunately, the critic said Good, short novel, evocative of a very specific time and place, the early ‘s. A complicated, cultivated modern woman.


The murder mystery itself has some really great twists and turns that, while one might guess lajra culprit, make the journey to the end a constant surprise! During her trip across Europe she was nearly persuaded from guilt to marry an Austrian Jew in order to get him to the United States, but due to a slowness in paperwork she was saved that fate.

Perhaps because Mama always used to ask where Ver was going and what time I’d be home and always made me feel guilty if Vvera changed my mind. I enjoyed the book so much that I’ve attempted to force it upon everyone I know that likes to read. Each is a narrator in casparry novel: Hearst’s Castle in Wales, St Donat’s — all but empty and abandoned during the war it provided much needed seclusion for her to write the story.

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Want to Read saving…. Caspary wrote twenty-one novels, including Bedelia and Stranger than Truthbut Laura was her first major success. Mar 13, Debbie Robson rated it it was amazing.

Caspary and Igee pestered every official they knew and didn’t know on both sides of the Atlantic, trying to grease the wheels of bureaucracy. I would centainly recommend Laura for fans of the movie or fans of ‘s literature. An independent woman in an unliberated era, she collided with or was touched by many of its major historical and cultural events: Laura could not have been more different than these people, her inner beauty inspiring loyalty in her working-class maid, Bessie.

His alibi for the night of the murder did make me laugh out loud.