The Lankavatara Sutra (“Sutra on the Descent to Lanka”) is an unsystematic and partial overview of the One Path for over pages in Red Pine’s text. Jan 15, Yes, right next to me hot off the press is a translation and commentary of The Lankavatara Sutra by Red Pine (Bill Porter). First, let me say that if. Mar 3, This is both a brilliant and difficult work. Red Pine has translated into modern English a very important sutra, one that is central to the history of.

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As to the first; he must recognise and be fully convinced that this triple world is nothing but a complex manifestation of one’s mental activities; rwd it is devoid of selfness and its belongings; that there are no strivings, no comings, no goings. The notes are typical of those that run throughout the book on roughly every other page, some of them taking up more than a page each.

Buddha Space: Review: The Lankavatara Sutra, by Red Pine

In the meantime, here’s a sample of Red Pine’s translation skills and the notes that he supplies as well:. When Mahamati asks about power and wealth and kings, the Buddha cryptically replies, “A statement about kings is about no kings.

Therefore’Mahamati’, in order to abandon the misconception cherished by the philosophers, you must depend on the ‘anatman-tathagatagarbha’.

Quotes from The Lankavatara S Passed down from teacher to student ever since, this is the only Zen sutra ever spoken by the Buddha. Linkshander rated it really liked it Feb 02, The Red Pine translation has extensive notes, many of which refer to the Sanskrit original Red Pine’s is from the Chinesethat Red Pine admits he is at dictionary level readi The Lanka follows and develops upon the Prajnaparamita sutras.


Lankavatara Sutra

Implicit in this definition of buddhahood is a reinterpretation of the Four Noble Truths: Mahayana sutras Vaipulya sutras Yogacara Buddha-nature. Red Pine has lived in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and has traveled extensively in China, visiting Zen temples and seeking out hermits.

I can’t help but feel very skeptical of major aspects of the Pinr Sutra from a Marxist viewpoint. An acclaimed translator, his published works include three major Buddhist texts: In section LVI, the Buddha says this about the one path: Debbie Heart rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Brad Fear rated it it was amazing May 05, Views Read Edit View history.

MacMillan Encyclopedia of Buddhism. He lives in Port Townsend, Washington.

The Lankavatara Sutra: Translation and Commentary

In one period Zen was called the “mind-only school” ged of this lankavztara approach that all phenomena, all dharmas, all things, are nothing but discriminations or projections of mind.

And yet, the Lankavatara Sutra has no answer for if one considers the exploitative nature of class society. As to the contents of the Lankavatara Sutra itself, the work is primarily a set of philosophical questions put forth by the bodhisattva Mahamati to the Buddha who essentially instructs the former that it is “By becoming aware that projections are nothing but mind” that we realize enlightenment The Lankavarara Sutra, p.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Lanka follows and develops upon the Prajnaparamita sutras. This work comes with a wholehearted recommendation from this suyra, for both seasoned Zennists and those wishing to go to an early text in the tradition as a starting point. There are four things by the fulfilling of which an earnest disciple may gain self-realisation of Noble Wisdom and become a Bodhisattva- Mahasattva: Want to Read saving….

Lankavatara Sutra

According to Asanga Tillekharatna, “it is generally believed that the sutra was compiled during CE,” although “many who have studied the sutra are of opinion that the introductory chapter and the last two chapters were added to the book at a later period. Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. This is obviously the most reader friendly.

Feb 26, Grace rated it it was ok Shelves: And what does the one path to realization mean? Accordingly, ‘Mahamati’, the ‘Tathagatas’ disclose the doctrine of the ‘tathagatagarbha’ which is thus not to be known as identical with the philosopher’s notion of rdd ego-substance. Thus, ‘Mahamati’, the doctrine of the ‘tathagatagarbha’ is disclosed in order to awaken the philosophers from their clinging to the idea of the ego.

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