In her book L’Enracinement (The Need for Roots), which she wrote while working with De Gaulle’s Free French in London, Weil does not just address issues like. L’enracinement by Simone Weil, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Simone Weil, The Need for Roots: Prelude to a Declaration of Duties towards Mankind. tags: duties, obligations, responsibilities, Simone Weil, L’ enracinement.

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The Need for Roots Quotes

Part 1 is subdivided into fourteen sections, each dealing with a specific human need. L’homme revolte Albert Camus. Like all of Weil’s books it was published posthumously. She says little can be done for uprooted adults, but it would be easier to rescue the next generation.

Her analysis was informed by a year-long stretch as a factory hand [5] and by several periods working as an agricultural labourer.

For the most part very few of Weils idea’s were put into practice during the operations that followed the liberation of France, with one of few direct signs of her influence being that list of obligations was included along with a list of rights in a French free press release of August The book is divided into three parts. Most of the work discusses the general case and is of broad and lasting relevance.

Obedience is defined as an essential need of the soul as long as it’s the sort of obedience that arises from freely given consent to obey a given set of rules or the commands of a leader. Weil writes that if peasants have both well tailored scientific and religious ideas at the back of their minds while they work the fields, it will increase their appreciation of beauty and “Permeate their labour with poetry” [23]. An obligation which goes unrecognized by anybody loses none of the full force of its existence.

Equality is an essential need when defined as a recognition that everyone is entitled to an equal amount of respect as a human being, regardless of any differences. A man left alone in the universe would have no rights whatever, but he would have obligations. A patriotism based on compassion allows one to still see the flaws in one’s country, while still remaining ever ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.


The Need for Roots – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. Machines should be designed enraconement the needs of the workmen in mind, not just the demands of cost efficient production. Eliot praised the work’s balanced judgement, shrewdness and good sense.

Propaganda should be banned and people who deliberately lie in the media should be liable to severe penalties.

Weil defines order as an arrangement of society which enrracinement the situations one encounters where a choice has to be made between incompatible obligations. Boredom can be a problem as many peasants do the same work throughout their lives, starting from about age For a profession to satisfy this need, it should have an association able to “keep alive the memory of all the store of nobility, heroism, probity, generosity and genius spent in the exercise of that profession”.

Weil suggests a tradition should be established for peasant youths take a few months out for travel in their late teens, similar to the tour de France that used to exist for apprentice artisans. Language Readers Literary Studies: This, Weil says, should serve as a model for other needs of the soul.

Weil considers that while the first two ways are well understood, they are unsuitable for breathing inspiration into a people. While there should be social mobility both up and down, if children have a truly equal chance for self-advancement based purely on their own abilities, everyone who ends up in a low grade job will be seen as being there due to their own shortcomings. This page was last edited on 7 Augustat An individual’s honour relates to how well their conduct measures up to certain criteria, which vary according to the social milieu inhabited by the individual.


Reforms in education would also be needed. To accomplish the task it’s essential to simultaneously point people in the direction of the good while at the same time providing the necessary motivation, so as to provide energy for the required effort.

The Need for Roots Quotes by Simone Weil

Book ratings by Goodreads. Other books in this series. The actual relationship between the two is as between object and subject.

Weil proposes various measures to address urban uprootedness. Only a small part of the book discusses the specific solutions that were of unique applicability to France in the s. Four obstacles are listed that make it difficult to inspire a people towards genuine goodness.

Reflexions sur la question juive Jean-Paul Sartre. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Weil says it’s essential for people to be free to express any opinion or idea.

It is compromised when people don’t have access to reliable and accurate sources of information. The only people who would feel restricted by such rules are characterized as childlike. Science should be presented in terms of the great natural cycles, such as the energy from the sun being captured by photosynthesis, being concentrated into seeds and fruit, passing into man and then partly returning to the soil as he expends energy working the land.

Qu’est ce que la litterature? Refresh and try again. Disciplinary punishments help to reinforce an individual’s good conscience, by providing external support in the battle against falling into vice. Religious teaching should be made relevant to the countryside, with emphasis on the pastoral scenes in the Bible.