The winder is a 4-rope Koepe winding machine with integrated motor. This type of design of the winder guarantee long-term stability of the entire drive system. Assembly of the winder in the workshop. 4-Rope Koepe winder. 3+1 Channel brake system. ▫ Statement of the investment and operating costs. ▫ Comparison of . The objective of this study is to monitor four Koepe winder head ropes, which have six triangular-shaped strands and are 38 mm in diameter, by.

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It is mounted in a carrying frame which is hooked into a single load-weighing cell. The principal points of the study were as follows: Lubrication of the main bearings is wknder a gravity feed from an overhead tank which can be filled by pumps. The rope is disconnected from the bridle in the headgear, passed over the Koepe wheel and lowered to bank level by means of the bank winch A. Motor The use of an integrated 3-phase asynchronous motor is an absolute novelty.

The installation of a Koepe winding plant at a working shaft: Layout of the winder. To reduce handling to a minimum and to ensure that the used head rope could be recovered intact so that it can be used as a tail rope if necessary, the following procedure was adopted after much deliberation see Fig.

The brake shoes are of the fully floating type pivoted at their centre to the brake posts. A tachogenerator at each end of the drum shaft is driven mechanically from the same shaft that drives the helical windee or the Ardic controller. The winder foundation of reinforced concrete accounted for tonnes of the superimposed weight. About tonnes was added to the already massive structure. The installation of a Koepe winding plant in a working shaft Part II.


Technical Information

The structure spans the shaft and is braced with channel sections to form trusses see Fig. The underground bridle is now moved to the station level and the final tensioning of the new rope is carried out. The rope fixed under the pit cages for leveling out the different loads.

The winder drum is rotated to lift the new bridle and tail ropes. Synchronism between the travel of the conveyance and movement of the carriage of the helical controller may be altered because of possible slip or creep of the rope on the Koepe wheel.

The head ropes and the bridle are lifted about 30 cm, to provide slack to enable the head ropes. During cycle, these rotation deformations are associated with tension – tension fatigue. A weight of kg was dropped from various heights onto a friction block secured to a rail. Views Read Edit View history. Some tons of ore per month could be brought to surface if optimum performance is attained.

Koepe winder

The normal koepd operations were held up for only twelve hours during this operation, resulting in little interruption of production. Multi-rope friction hoists have a larger lift capacity than a drum hoist. The lower pivot for the brake posts is directly beneath the centre of pressure in the brake shoe itself, thereby minimising servo effect and eliminating all tendency to judder or rumble when the brakes are applied fiercely.

Accordingly, the test parameters and loading cycle will be determined under the specific shaft depth. The attached chain block is used for this purpose. A tower-mounted Koepe winder was decided on in the case discussed here.


If the safety circuit is tripped but the main power and regulation circuits are still available when the conveyance is within the retardation zone, the action of the retardation gear is short-circuited. Test machine capabilities are: The cappels is connected to the bridle.

Koepe winder | Article about Koepe winder by The Free Dictionary

Drum hoists take up more space than a friction hoist for the same service as all of the haulage cable must be accommodated on the drum when the hoist is fully raised. The installation of the winding system coincided with the commissioning of a ton capacity reduction plant.

Spillage from the loading flask is negligible if the skip positioning magnets are located accurately. This page was last edited on 21 Aprilat The auxiliary winch rope A in Fig. The brakes are of the calliper type actuated by brake engines which are mechanically independent, but are interconnected hydraulically to operate together. The steelwork for supporting the clamp was then removed and the Koepe winder used to free the clamps on the tail ropes. Suitable overhead crawl beams and 10 ton pneumatic rope blocks provide for conveyances handling into or out of winfer of the shaft.

Comparing the performance of different ropes under specific Koepe or drum winder. A Short Biography Kiepe Invention: The use of an integrated 3-phase asynchronous motor is an absolute novelty.