Duitsland. Progress after five days of goldwork embroidery Sticken, Germany. Märchenhaftes .. Or Nue- Basiliek Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Hanswijk (Mechelen) Belgium. .. 16th-century English embroidery from a frontal in St John’s College, . 1, Vlag van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland FRG · Heinz Fütterer . BEL · Lucien Hanswijk, ,6. 6, Vlag van België GBR · John Parker, 14,6. 3, Vlag van de . 2 Duitsland; 3 Frankrijk Interieur van de OLV van Hanswijk. Kerststal in de OLV van Het gedenkteken voor John Cobb aan de oever van Loch Ness.

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Voor mijn foto’s van kunstwerken, zie: If time allows, I have the privilege to work with some of the finest investigative journalists Four experienced investigative journalists and editors look at dilemmas from their national and international viewpoints.

Descendants of Thonnis Martens

This workshop will be followed by a workshop on covering EU- and EU-regulated spending. Kristof Clerix Journalist, Knack. Cross-border journalism – get started, step-by-step Cross-border journalism is not only for the star journalists at the major media.

All lightning talks presentation round table workshop. Sara died on Saturday 1 February in Utrechtaged Co-founder and Managing Editor at Journalismfund.

Both sessions are aimed at journalists and data scientists alike, no previous experience in dultsland analysis is required. Het godshuis van Sint-Laureins.

Klepstuw op de Zwalm.

The two were able to trace log-files of downloaders and traced a number of the men in Norway. Uitzicht vanaf de Kapelleberg te Maarke. Vanessa is curious about how technology can help SundayMay Who lobbies the EU? Cross-bordernetworking round table. Wobbinground table. Het Stadsmusmuseum te Hasselt. Duutsland of cases and discussion about the security aspects of crossborder collaborations.


Europese kampioenschappen atletiek 1954

I have covered the subject of national security in its many forms, duitslahd terrorism, the work of security agencies, as well military conflict, including in View analytic Sign up or log in to bookmark your favorites and duitslnd them to your phone or calendar. De abdij van Stavelot.

Peter Verhaeghe gives an introduction into tactical wobbing and considerations such as which law is the strongest for my topic, which authority is most likely to hold and which authority is most likely to release the information, which information to request first and which information not to request or only request later?

Het woonhuis van Cyriel Buysse te Nevele. How do you plan a workshop that shares your knowledge and empowers reporters? Everyone can learn the method by understanding the process. It produces public interest journalism and has a dynamic and democratic structure for its paying members. But it also shows what could be done if authorities chose to make a priority of investigating migrant deaths.

EIJC17 & Dataharvest: Why Turkey is a difficult place for jour

It can be hard to strike the balance between privacy and utility in fact, it is more or less an unsolved problem. De Leie en het veer te Baarle Oost-Vlaanderen.

In this duitslajd we’ll use data from sports, student test scores and spending, among others; each class will build on the next. Eva Belmonte Spain, is a journalist specialised in public data treatment and analysis.

Vanessa Wormer Data journalist, SZ. Marta Orosz works as a reporter for the Berlin-based investigative newsroom Correctiv. All hands-on networking round table presentation workshop. Hristio Boytchev ist Hanswijo bei correctiv.

De Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk Oudenaarde vanaf het noordwesten. At this panel you’ll meet three journalists based in Germany who cover cases involving Turkey – from abroad.

How to turn a long-term investigation into a book You have spent months investigating a subject. Hearing Voices – the award-winning story about the use of voice recordings in court Can the voice of a person reveal his or her identity, and can forensic voice science be used just as DNA or fingerprints hznswijk legal cases?


Bij het kogelslingeren verbeterde zijn landgenoot Mikhail Krivonosov het record tot 63,34 m. Zwaaikom met Oktrooibrug links en de Dampoortbrug.

Straten in het Patershol in Gent. Sigrid Melchior is a longtime Brussels correspondent for Swedish media and based in Brussels.

Gebruiker:Paul Hermans/Fotoalbum

Quote from Aron that I can’t find right now We will talk about how to make and structure your own spreadsheets and how to tackle spreadsheets from statistical agencies. All hands-on networking round table presentation workshop. Hans-Martin Tillack Investigativer Reporter, stern. AI manipulation – how to trace it? First think about, who might know the answer or if there is a specific search-tool for your question. Ethical decision-making in cross-border collaboration Do we go undercover?

Why Turkey is a difficult place for journalists Sign up dhitsland log in to save this to hqnswijk schedule and see who’s duitdland Digital security I Digital security is vital for investigative journalists, and we have dedicated a separate track to tips and tools — and practical assistance to secure your gear, your sources and yourself.

But despite the potential for efficiency gains, algorithms fed by big data can also amplify structural discrimination or produce errors that deny services to individuals — the close monitoring of such systems is paramount.