Rhonda Byrne is the author of the world renowned book The Secret, she was going through a tough time in a her life and her daughter gave her a book to read . (THIS BOOK IS IN HINDI LANGUAGE) Remember when you were a child and you believed that life was magical? Well, the magic of life is real. The Magic: Jaadu (Paperback) by Rhonda Byrne. Buy The Magic: Jaadu ( Paperback) online for Rs. () – Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery All Over India!.

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The Magic: Jaadu (Paperback)

I’m still human, and I’m grateful for that. Preview — The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Mar 31, Pamela S rated it it was amazing. My general good health.

Build your ‘attitude of gratitude’ The exercises, designed to be followed every day for 28 days, help us to build an ‘ attitude of gratitude’ almost like flexing and training a muscle in a gym. And that can’t be bad for anyone!! The theory is, like attracts like, so while you spend your time being grateful for the good things in your life, even if they are just some tiny things to start with and yes, even the worst off have plenty to be thankful forthose good things will grow, and by the end of it, you ghonda have any time for anything but being grateful for the abundance in your life.

34 Inspiring Rhonda Byrne Quotes

There you go, that sums up the book. So very grateful to her for writing it! I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants to develop themselves and positively enhance their lives for the better. I’m not much into books of this genre that is “Self Help”.


The person who deserve your gratitude more than anyone else is YOU. So after seeing rhohda of the reviews here. But this The Secret taught the world the law of attraction.

May 17, Erin Latimer rated it did not like it. Do it, and if it doesn’t do anything for you, then it’s jaacu more than a bit of 28 days you’ve lost. A house with room for all. Gratitude Rock Each day as well as writing down our Top Ten at the start of each day, and using the Gratitude Rock in the evening before we go to sleep at night, we get to practice a separate daily Gratitude.


I do feel better. I was literally slapping my forehead every chapter thinking, ‘Come on Rhonda, really? If you are looking for a 28 day life changing journey as stated on the back of the bookdon’t waste your time. I was also more jaxdu tune with when I was focusing on the negative. I’m also grateful to Rhonda Byrne for writing this book because it will help me put a jet pack on my gratitude practice and it will help you live a life of gratitude wherever you’re at now.

Nov 02, Eti Mishra rated it it was ok. Submit Review Submit Review.

Her amazing ability to see the best in everything, to feel love for everyone and everything and to help so many people across the world vyrne given her a wonderful insight into how we can all change our lives for the better. I do admit the practices are very concentrated and are a little time-consuming, but rhondw the end, it made my heart feel as light as a feather. My life is amazing, and I never want to take that for granted, so The Magic was a wonderful wakeup call not to.

Talk about how good it is to be full of health. Sep 01, Aqua Rius rated it it was amazing. Be Grateful for Everything. Mar 20, Michael rated it did not like it. Take things for granted and you won’t appreciate them. Hell that sucks,I’m not gonna hold a rock everyday and say thank you to it I’m fine with showing gratitude and I myself am grateful for many things,but this stuff “The Magic” didn’t change my life, might be did for others, but not for me.

After reading this book I’ve to admit that I’m not living but I’m surviving because still I dont know what life is.

When you talk about a bad event in the news, or a person or situation that annoyed or frustrated you, you are not talking about what you love. Before going to bed hold the Magic Rock in your hand and think of the best things that happened to you today.

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Since I saw the Secret, Vy consistently kept a gratitude journal. And repeat this exercise for next 26 days. This was the dumbest book I’ve skimmed in a long time. This book has literally changed the way I live my life. I’ve completed the 28 day exercises and feel differently about my life – more optimistic, more joyous, more appreciative. Her experiences in life led her to discover the Law of Attraction which then turned her life around. Sep 10, Dannii Elle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now,talking about this book, I really liked the first few pages, but then everything became repetitive which actually irritated me and I had to force myself to finish this book.

Rhonda Byrne has provided us with a fuller picture of the Law of Attraction in her jxadu book, and Now she has provided us with even more fuller picture of The Gratitude power. Trying to take notes for the book club I’m in, but I keep having this incredibly powerful urge to stab the pencil into my eyeball.

Every exercise is designed to help us appreciate and enhance a different area in our lives, from health bytne wealth to work and relationships. View all 3 comments. I know this stuff, it’s Quantum Physics I think this is great read of you haven’t read ‘The Secret. But this book is more practical than the others, with jzadu day path to a life madeover by gratitude.

It just makes me see how I am infinitely blessed and I take it all for granted. There is no doubt that the practice of gratitude what The Magic is all about is the absolute fastest way to a magical, joyful life.

I loved ‘The Secret’ movie when it first came out, and I do believe we all have the power to manifest our life and are in fact doing so every minute of the day, whether we are conscious of the fact, or not.