and Braille displays, to get information from the user interface. Java 2D API. Enables developers to easily incorporate high-quality. 2D graphics, text, and images. This Swing Java Tutorial describes developing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) interfaces (GUIs) for applications and applets, using the Swing components. Swing è un framework per Java, appartenente alle Java Foundation Classes ( JFC) e orientato La Internet Foundation Classes (IFC) era una libreria grafica per Java Grazie a questo, la maggior parte dei componenti Swing hanno associati modelli (specificati in termini di Java interfaces), il programmatore può usare.

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The Navigator also provides visual feedback about what component in the tree is currently being edited in the GUI Builder as well as allows you to organize components in the available panels. Adding Individual Grafoche to the Form Now we need to start adding the components that will present the actual contact information in our contact list. Every time you interfaacce a component to a form, the GUI Builder effectively aligns them, as evidenced by the alignment guidelines that appear.

Swing (Java) – Wikipedia

To add and edit the display text of buttons: When the guidelines appear indicating that the new JLabel’s left edge is aligned with that of the JLabel above and a small margin exists between them, shift-click to place the first JLabel. Before we’re finished with the JTextFields we added earlier, we need to make sure that the two JTextFields we inserted between the JLabels are set to resize correctly.

First we’ll accomplish this using the Properties window and then we’ll try it using the pop-up menu. Enter E-mail for the Title property. Move the cursor over the top right corner of the JList in the lower JPanel. Move the cursor below the JLabel that we just added.


Move the cursor to grafiiche right of the Nickname label and click to place the text field. The JLabels’ positions shift such that the right edges of their display text are aligned. In poche parole, il disegno e lo stile grafico dei componenti non vengono richiesti al toolkit grafico nativo del sistema operativo, ma vengono riprodotti tramite una loro emulazione.

The width of the buttons changes to accommodate the new names. The toolbar’s Source button enables you to view a class’s source code, the Design button allows you to view a graphical view of the GUI components, the History button allows you to access the local history of changes of the file.

To create a new ContactEditor application project: The anchoring relationships are updated, indicating that the components have been grouped. We’ll drag and drop the components while pressing the Shift key, to quickly add them to the form. In this section, we’ll concentrate on accomplishing the tasks in a more streamlined fashion while graficbe out the work the GUI builder is doing behind the scenes.

Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing

The JLabels’ new names are displayed in the form and ibterfacce shifted as a gragiche of their edited widths, as shown in the following illustration. It is sometimes necessary, however, to specify different relationships between groups of components as well. Unlike the two JTextFields that we stretched to the right edge of our form, inserted components’ resizeability behavior isn’t automatically set.

To run your application, right-click the project name and select Run in the context menu.

Swing (Java)

For advanced developers, the Palette Manager is available that enables you to add custom components from JARs, libraries, or other projects to the Palette. When the horizontal guideline appears indicating that the JComboBox’s baseline is aligned with the baseline of the text in the JLabel and the spacing between the two components is suggested with a vertical guideline, click to position the combo box.


Beginning of Tutorial Next page: Often it is necessary to cluster multiple components under another component such that it is clear they belong to a group of related functions. The rightmost JLabel shifts toward the right of the JTextField to accommodate the suggested horizontal offset. I bug rilevati durante l’esecuzione del sistema grafico almeno per la parte che riguarda l’interfaccia grafica sono gli stessi su tutte le piattaforme, il che permette di risolverli con un semplice aggiornamento delle librerie.

This time enter Last Name: Una implementazione di default di questo opera su di un array bidimensionale. Move the cursor over the form below the E-mail JPanel. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the GUI builder’s interface, it’s time to begin developing the UI of our ContactEditor application.

Designing a Swing GUI in NetBeans IDE – Tutorial

Documentation General Java Development. It also tells you how to use borders and icons.

Afterwards, we’ll set the four buttons to be the same size so they can be easily recognized as offering related functionality. Add two additional JButtons below the two we already added to create a column.