Los hijos de las tinieblas by José Antonio Cotrina Gómez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. José Antonio Cotrina has 48 books on Goodreads with ratings. José Antonio Los hijos de las tinieblas (El ciclo de la luna roja, #2) by. José Antonio . Best books like Los hijos de las tinieblas: #1 Laila Winter y la Maldición de Ithirïe (Laila Winter, #3) #2 La maldición José Antonio Cotrina (Goodreads Author).

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I would say that one exciting development is the increasing presence of women in our field.

Juan Miguel Aguilera is the award-winning co-author, along with Javier Redal, of Mundos en el Abismo and Hijos de la Eternidad, two canonical Spanish space operas; he is also a prolific illustrator, screenplay writer, and soon-to-be director. Our interest was in literature first and foremost; with science fiction as a special case, unlike more conservative academics and mainstream writers who argue that literature and science fiction are distinct.

We were enthusiastic conversationalists. I really think science fiction exists in Spain because of them. Now we write knowing that form and language are important. Some of us could also read texts in different languages and were not forced to rely on the terrible translations that were typical of the genre. Joee, there are good anthologies and author collections out there.

That was the principal influence in Spain, but the European tradition has also played a part.

Books like Los hijos de las tinieblas (El ciclo de la luna roja, #2)

How did this collection affect you personally, if it did? I could write science fiction with my imagination, my heart, my use of language and any knowledge I cottrina possess about the world. But it was an extremely important collection tiniwblas terms of disseminating science fiction among readers who barely knew it.


I think that literature, as any art, happens in short bursts or waves that combine passion with state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

But yes, there is still a lot of room itnieblas improvement. Regarding the question of the Hugos. Nowadays I have the impression that more women are having this kind of experience and getting to write science fiction. Pulp covers, after all, would show BEMs kidnapping beautiful girls who were scantily clad, rather than hot semi-naked young men.

El ciclo de la luna roja 2. Los hijos de las tinieblas

Comments containing name-calling, personal attacks, threats, or other abusive content will cotrinna edited or deleted. Anyway, I was in touch with everybody, I tried to read everything that was being published and to help science fiction in Spain come into its own.

The combination of the crisis with internet piracy and new pastimes is proving to be devastating for the publishing world and for writers. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in Spanish science fiction and one without a clear answer.

The protagonist will be played by Rachael Leigh Cook. Now anyone can register and vote.

El hechizo del narguile: Reseña de LA COSECHA DE SAMHEIN

Mail will not be published required. A new phenomenon has arisen, that of the fan who self-edits his work and seeks crowd-funding. The result was a noticeable rise in quality and in the number of active writers.


Mariano was extremely helpful in connecting us across time zones and facilitating the conversation. The third part, Hijos de ttinieblas Estrellas, will be published at the end of March. In the end science fiction is a literary genre and there are no excuses for bad writing.

The collection provided me with concentrated access to top writers. The result was discovery: In the 90s a new generation appeared, better equipped with literary technique, and that was visible in the quality of the texts.

No hay historias alegres.

One is finished, the other still in my mind. Up tothe average science fiction reader read only science fiction and lacked any or almost any knowledge of classical or mainstream literature. On hijoe one hand, and little by little, science fiction is becoming more respectable.

No te cuentan que siempre, al final, todos mueren. The Orbis Library of Science Fiction collected one hundred titles, mostly translations of English-language science fiction classics, with a few Spanish novels mixed joze. Another powerful lever was the literary prizes, the only way to obtain some money writing science fiction and fantasy for us at the time.

What was your involvement in that Golden Age, as writers and readers?