FRA Alimentation sans coupure à neutre traversant, comportant un hacheur-élévateur double. FR et: (1)1moycc E UEUUEαα==−⇔=>− [] Le hacheur série est un élévateur de tension. La valeur moyenne peut être supérieure à E. L’onduleur [FOC. Figure 26 – Forme d’onde de base d’un hacheur élévateur. Figure 28 – Courbes caractéristiques de base de la commande d’un hacheur élévateur ..

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Year of fee payment: FG4D Free format text: Compensating for a reverse recovery time period of a bipolar junction transistor BJT in switch-mode operation of a light-emitting diode LED -based bulb.

Date of ref document: GB Free format text: Variable minimum input voltage based switching in an electronic power control system. Multi-mode switching control circuit and method for improving light load efficiency in switching power supplies.

Low energy transfer mode for auxiliary power supply operation in a cascaded switching power converter. Detection and control mechanism for tail current in hacjeur bipolar junction transistor BJT -based power stage.


WOA1 – Convertisseur courant alternatif – courant continu – Google Patents

Kind code of ref document: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. DE Date of ref document: ES Kind code of ref document: ES Ref legal event code: R Ref document number: A1 Designated state s: Ref legal event code: Switch-mode drive sensing of reverse recovery in bipolar junction transistor BJT -based power converters.

Power converter for compensating maximum output power and PWM controller for the same. GB Ref legal event code: Country of ref document: Utilizing secondary-side conduction time parameters of a switching power converter to provide energy to a load.

WO2008152838A1 – Convertisseur courant alternatif – courant continu – Google Patents

B1 Designated state s: DE Free format text: Switching power converter with switch control pulse width variability at low power demand levels. Time division light output sensing and brightness adjustment for different spectra of light emitting diodes.

US USB2 en Controlling power factor in a switching power converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode. Kind code of ref document: Resistance measurement of a resistor in a bipolar junction transistor BJT -based power stage.

Power control system with power drop out immunity and uncompromised startup time. Dispositif et procede de commande d’un convertisseur d’energie elevaateur et convertisseur comportant un tel dispositif. Country of ref document: Power supply that determines energy consumption and outputs a signal indicative of energy consumption. CN CNB zh DE Ref legal event code: Dispositif convertisseur comprenant au moins cinq niveaux de tension continue et alimentation sans interruption pourvue dudit dispositif.


Electric power source apparatus including electric power elevateeur circuit and method for controlling the same.

Circuit and method of controlling a regulator with an output feedback signal and devoid of an input feedforward signal. Charge pump-based drive circuitry for bipolar junction transistor BJT -based power supply. Inductor over-current protection using a volt-second value representing an input voltage to a switching power converter.

EP Kind code of ref document: Integrated circuit switching power supply controller with selectable buck mode operation. Lighting system with power factor correction control data determined from a phase modulated signal. ES Free format text: