It’s been such a pleasure to read Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah. The novel is quite well-known in the West, having been shortlisted for the. Paradise [Abdulrazak Gurnah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A finalist for the Booker Prize, England’s highest honor for works of. Tales are told of what lies beyond the known world: seas that freeze, a wall built by the giants Gog and Magog, the earthly paradise with its.

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The name is derived from the famous 8th century travel document the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea and refers to the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean adjacent to Africa. His journeys in Paradise mirror two processes which bound the interiors of Eastern Africa to the Western Girnah Ocean–one a process of the migration often via slavery and subsequent Islamization of upcountry Africans, and the other a venturing into the interior as far as Eastern Congo by armed bands of Swahili-Arab traders.

I would definitely read more of this authors work. Posted by Nathaniel Mathews at Mar 24, Siria rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 11, Lisa Faye rated it liked it. I can’t even say if this is presented in an overly romantic or nostalgic way – it didn’t seem so, but I’d need to read the whole thing. The mission of The Azanian Sea is to provide high quality web content about Africa and the Indian Ocean and create spaces for cultural exchange and dialogue.

A young boy is pawned off, by his parents, to a merchant, to cover the father’s debt. Then, just as Yusuf begins to comprehend the choices required of him, he and everyone around him must adjust to the new reality of European colonialism.

I have long wanted to read this novel, and was finally able to get a hold of it through the magic of inter-library loan. Jun 20, Danny rated it it was amazing. Fear of both being free and of being forever imprisoned. Books by Abdulrazak Gurnah. Yusuf doesn’t receive any schooling and isn’t really attended to.

New PressJan 30, – Fiction – pages. In this all-male world of travelers and traders there is much homoerotic talk and some sex. A passioned, and disenchanted book wtitten in comparative way with Hearth of Darkness, where the Darkness is – more that the inner part of the country – the obscure custom of slavery and fatalism of the precolonial word that, in the end, according to the acute analisys of the narrator, shades off in the slavery to the White man.


The Azanian Sea The Azanian Sea was founded in as a web resource and online hub for information, inspiration and informed commentary on the African presence in the Indian Ocean. Berbeda dengan kisah nabi Yusuf, pesan dari kisah si Yusuf dalam novel ini adalah Kebebasan. The plot if pretty much non-existent, but there are some interesting characters in the book that carry you along on the various stories. What do you think is Gurnah’s best book?


Seperti kisah Nabi Yusuf, Yusuf di novel ini pun kemudian di rayu si Istri Saudagar hingga bajunya terkoyak. Dengan keistimewaan dan jalan hidup yang mirip dengan kisah Nabi Yusuf. Through the eyes of Yusuf, Gurnah depicts communities at war, trading safaris gone awry, and the universal trials of adolescence. Wonderful book that I have recommended to friends constantly.

This poignant tale follows the interesting life of Yusuf and what paradize to him over the course of about a 6 year period.

Centered on the life of Yusuf, taken from his home to repay a debt to a trader, Paradise sets the reader down in the region we now know as Gurnahh and asks that we look at the world from that vantage point, in girnah its complexity. From the simple life of rural Africa, Yusuf is thrown into the complexities of precolonial urban East Africa – a fascinating world in which Muslim black Africans, Christian missionaries, and Indians from the subcontinent coexist in a fragile, subtle social hierarchy.

Paradise (Abdulrazak Gurnah) – Wikipedia

This tale is set in Kenya but that is never revealed except by knowledge of some of the place names in the story. I am certain he will become a great one. Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah. I really enjoyed listening to a story told while Tanzania was just experiencing the first bit of colonization and even better to hear it from someone from a lower caste.

Shortlisted for booker price and whitbred prize. European colonisers have arrived in the area, taking the best land and controlling the trade. DNF I rarely do this, but I have to face facts: The boy and his uncle are Moslems; the young man who runs the store and takes charge of the boy is Indian; the interior folks have traditional African religions.

It occurred to me at some point that this could very well be an African style of storytelling, which I struggled with because I’m so used to a European, or western style of storytelling. The Germans are moving in and building railroads.

pradise The clash of cultures is delicate, subtle and quite beautifully rendered, and entirely from the perspective of the Africans at least up to where I read in the days before the Europeans brought their own war to African soil.


I enjoyed reading this book despite some negative reviews I found in Goodread.

Abdulrazak Gurnah Published by: There is much talk of the encroaching Europeans and a good deal of sexual teasing of Yusuf, whose physical beauty makes him an object of desire. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

A young man from the interior is sold into bondage by his father to his uncle in payment of a debt. The Indian Ocean has been called the ‘cradle of globalization’ and in our globally interconnected world, there is a need for spaces which discuss the impact of economic and social globalization and its impact on local culture. Not having finished it, I pparadise have a complete picture of the novel and where it’s going, thematically, but I wanted to at least share with you what I gleaned from the half that I did read.

We are taken on a journey with Yusuf in his coming of age story, but I couldn’t help feeling that there wasn’t a paradiss deal of difference between the younger Yusuf and the gurjah mature Yusuf towards the middle and It took me over a month to complete this book, not because I am a particularly slow reader, but because it didn’t grasp me and thus was not overly compelled to reach the end.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I might have missed something – but I’m not sure what it was! It’s gurnab, or grammatically, an easy story to read, but my mind constantly wandered paraduse the way the story’s written, I found it very hard to visualise as I read, making it even harder for me to concentrate and focus on the story. Yusuf helps run Aziz’s store, goes on an ill-fated trading I have long wanted to read this novel, and was finally able to get a hold of it through the magic of inter-library loan.

Mar 16, Simona Pierrovskaia rated it liked it. For centuries Arabs and Omanis have traded up and down the Indian Ocean coast and into the interior of sub-Saharan Africa.