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Use the tent poles to nudge the rafflesia closer to the guard. Add soap from soap dispenser to the extended cleaning utensils. Take the oar displayed on the wall.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Fill a bongo drum with water from the leak. Take the MP3 player from the counter. To open the second temple door.

Place rafflesia on the flat stone on the riverbank near the frog. Use the left button to set the left disc so all three openings overlap to reveal a niche. Click on the hula hoop to have Nina go through it.

Look at the map of old France. Use the toolkit on the yellow suitcase. Enter the Metro station. Talk tunguskx Feng Li at the reception. Feng Li gives Nina a Polaroid. Exit left to the poolside.


Take the 5 cents and a pacifier. Talk to the jailbird next door. Return to the homeless man. To align the vacant areas of the discs. Ask him for a raspberry.

Use the noisemaker again. Take the alcohol bottle. Pick up the book on the desk.

Use the trash picker with the stove to collect the stove door. Slide the photo under the door of the sick bay.

There is a photo stuck to the back of the painting. Use the map to go to the park. To figure out the three digit number. Use the map to go to the zoo. Return to the Metro and pick up the candle.

Use the apple with the trash picker. Enter the laundry room. Press the red button on the panel to initiate self destruction. A football game is on. Look at the dirt on the pavement. Meanwhile, in Indonesia Put on the hard hat. Use the alcohol on Nina. Kick the papaya tree on the extreme right. Go to the doghouse.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

The hint to this puzzle is in the diary. The diary gives a hint on this puzzle. He clears the rubble. Use the noisemaker on Nina to attract the ducks. Use the rocket launcher with the ramp and it slides into the fire to launch itself. Use the metal sheet with the rake to make a shovel. Feng Li is waiting for his laundry to be completed.