Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 Supplement; 5 References. Gamelords (The Companions produced the tavern furnishings) .. Thieves’ Guild â„¢ is part of Gamelords’ complete Fantasy Systemâ„¢, role-playing for the. Well, I had Thieves Guild 1 and we played it a bit. It’s a decent itteration of D&D. More stats, more theif skills. Lots of good thief adventures.

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Anything else they find they can keep – unless, of course, Tsitsiconus or one of his faithful servants objects! But where else can you find Grunt the barbarian playing darts, arm-wrestling with Brunhilda the blacksmithpat Tumbelina, the serving wench on the ahem!!

Since Sir Edry has just met an unfortunate end at the hands of highway brigands, we’re asking you to take his place at the Duke’s dress ball — a veritable pickpocket’s dream! I collected it as well starting with the TG boxed set and then, like you, grabbing stuff for a buck or two on the discount table when I could find it. So it was that Aript took Liodga away into the night like a theif.

Lightly used, but almost like new. In just a short time, he’s welded an excellent fighting force out of the scattered orc-tribes of the peace Mountains. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Also, expanded rules for bows, a guide to the fine art of locksmithry and lockpickingand special inborn abilities to differentiate your characters – all brought to guil in the newest volume of a great series – Thieves’ Guild 7!!! Like its predecessors, Thieves’ Guild 10 gamelordw a great mix of rip-roaring action and careful planning, and a true test of any gamelorss skill!

And you are the one who must to into the orc camp in disguise, of courseand make sure he doesn’t lead the tribes any further. Thieves’ Guild 1 challenged fantasy gamers with a new kind of role-playing aid guils a book of rules and adventures designed for a particular class: Within the mountains of the Golden Plateau is a treasure trove of glowing magical crystals, capable of granting great power to their wielders, capable even of granting eternal life.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game)

Tim Stellmach mentions it, he was the lead designer Broad-beamed merchantmen loaded with luxury merchandise bound for exotic ports in faraway lands, or wondrous treasures to enrich the coffers of powerful empires! First printing July 64 pages. Or join the Gameelords as it attempt to pull of the ultimate second story job, a direct assault on the supposedly impregnable secret headquarters of the Guild!


Become the terror of the highways – in this issue’s first scenario, Bandit Gangs and Caravans! When the upstart Black Hand organization challenges the Guild’s control over the city’s thieves, there’s action aplenty – and danger in the air! Are you equal to the task? You are not super-powerful, but you are still an adventurer doing adventurous things actually, it gives adventures a role in gmelords – you are all thieves, a real profession. In the “Thieves Do It in the Shadows” ad the word rogue is misspelled.

Everything an adventurer needs, from messkits to intergalactic dreadnaughts and space fortresses, is detailed here.

The people in the art is how adventurers looked to my mind’s eye. Thieves Guild 2 had a really cool variety of tombs to raid, nicely mapped. When Guold was again seen by men of good faith, the lands about it were blasted and barren and none were seen about it. All these questions and more will be answered in the spine-tingling conclusion of the Secret of the Crystal Mountains!

And as if that weren’t enough to keep you busy until the next issue Thieves’ Guild Vyou’ll also find new rules describing the thiefly art of tailing, discussions on the care and feeding of informants, and expanded explanations on the determination of character sensory abilities.

The production values of Thieves Guild are spartan; first printswere supposed to be three ring-bound, and were laid out on some primitive computer most likely ; reprints are in the shape of small booklets.

Thieves’ Guild 1st Edition. Anonymous June 30, at 2: Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Thieves’ Guild 10 – Bandit Gangs and Caravans. Just remember gmelords it’s brains rather then brawn that you’ll need to avoid the forces of law and order, and the fiendish twists and traps that may stand between you and the booty that could be yours! The fates of the priests to this day remain unknown, for the few brave men that have approached the Abbey return with tales of haunting and dread evil.

All in one of the best issues of Thieves’ Guild to hit the stands yet In the Guild Space Setting, your characters may explore a new galaxy filled with dangers, wonders, and heroic adventure. This innovative new roleplaying game incorporates unique die mechanics, an exciting super-science setting, and rules geared toward playability and instant, ad-lib gaming. gamelodrs

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Different Worlds Publications – Gamelords – Thieves Guild

And MetaScape’s copyright is in the name of Dream Quest games, further adding to the confusion. In Thieves’ Guild IV, you can be a member of the elite group of Guild thieves assigned to foil the Hand’s attempt to smuggle a rare set of enchanted crystal goblets out of the city – with only 36 hours to complete your task!

Rick July 11, at 1: The seven eternal flames maintained around the city symbolize the meteoric seven year reign of the warrior wizard Zat’ak, who purchased great power at the cost of his soul, and whose dying words swore that he would return to claim his revenge on those who had defeated him. Can you teach this upstart merchant The Lesson he so well deserves about what happens to those who dare to cross the Guild? Here are complete rules for designing and sailing ships, for sea chases and bloody boarding actions, and what’s in the holds of the wallowing merchantman you just overhauled and captured.

Even fellow pirate vessels, to sail with at sea or to sail on!! A foreign nobleman, Drak, has been treacherously arrested – and sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor in the backwater silver mines of Ashwood.

At last, Theives’ Guild has gone to sea! Steve Jackson Games This full color map illustrates the overall layout of the city, and identifies over important landmarks.

Wyman This new, completely revised second edition of the Thieves’ Guild rules now provides more ways than ever for players to experience the danger-filled life of a medieval brigand, burglar, or cutpurse.

So plunk down a few paltry shekels, and walk through the gates of the fair Free City -you’ll wonder why you ever stayed anywhere else!

A great prize of gold awaits you if you are successful, and the vengeance of a thueves maddened orcs if you fail. Leave with treasure worth a kingdom, or maybe you won’t leave at all