As baskets with welded mesh, Gabions Weldmesh can be used as retaining walls. Discover more about Betafence gabions. Zenturo gabion wall is built with specific posts to create your design fencing wall. Easier to install than standard gabions, result is very appealing and amazing. A gabion is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for than stepped. The term is in wide usage, but in contexts related to gabions at least, appears to be a trademark registered by Betafence Limited.

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Betafence Zenturo | House decor in | Pinterest | Gabion wall, Wall and Fence

Our offer By product range Fencing panels. The Zenturo Post is a rectangular tube with a cross-section of x 40 mm and a plate thickness of 2. Posts are not gqbion, so you can position your “moustache” fixations at your betaence. To avoid damage and injury caused by accidents, always take the following precautions: There are various special designs of gabions to meet particular functional requirements and some special terms for particular forms have come into use.

We manage our waste and monitor all production processes with care, transparency, and reliability. Posts are hot deep galvanized. Views Read Edit View history.

Gabions for stream and erosion control. PVC-coated galvanized gabions have been estimated to survive for 60 years. A gabion wall is a retaining wall made of stacked stone-filled gabions tied together with wire.

Search form Search this site. The panels are mm wide. They may be used to direct the force of a flow of flood water around a vulnerable structure. Spacers Zincalu coated spacers are mandatory to avoid bending of the panels after infill installation.

Zenturo post specifications The Zenturo Post is a rectangular tube with a cross-section of x 40 mm and a plate thickness of 2. Examples of areas within a FOB that make extensive use of gabions are sleeping quarters, mess halls, or any place where there would be a large concentration of unprotected soldiers.


Plastic post cap, pre-installed on the post. Betafence is not liable for any damage caused during or as a result of the installation, or for any damage due to incorrect or incomplete installation. Let’s discover the related products to our gabions weldmesh cages.

Gabion Stonewall is an amazing fencing system with invisible posts, thanks to specific fixations. Other colours on request. For erosion control, caged riprap is used. Our gabion panels and all their accessories received the CE certification. Galvanized steel wire is most common, but PVC -coated and stainless steel wire are also used. Slope analysis mass wasting landslide Deformation monitoring automated. In particular, corrosion and abrasion of wires by bedload movement compromised the structures, which then sagged and collapsed into the channels.

He will continue to act as Chief Executive Officer until December this year and it is currently anticipated that he will serve in an advisory capacity to the company going forward.

We distinguish five functionalities which are: Spacers length will depend on your stonewall thickness: Betafence is leading manufacturer and provider of perimeter fencing and betxfence mesh. Skip to main content. The exterior is formed by modular wire mesh gabions containing locally quarried stone; this construction allows air movement through the building and creates an environment of moderate temperatures inside.

Creazen, Nylofor 2D Super and gabions are the main fencingsand decorative references betafencd by the American International Schoolof Zagreb to secure their new building. Search form Search this site.

Betafence’s heritage spans more than years producing the highest quality in fencing solutions. Not to be confused with Bastion.

Gabions for infrastructures, retaining rocks or design

The structure will fail when the wire fails. In combination with the Zenturo post concept and associated spider fixators, a wide variety of infills can be used to create a personal aesthetic system. Search Contact Dealer locator. Gabion stepped weirs are commonly used for river training and flood control; the stepped design enhances the rate bbetafence energy dissipation in the channel, and it is bftafence well suited to the construction of gabion stepped weirs.


In a military context, earth- or sand-filled gabions are used to protect sappersinfantry, and artillerymen from enemy fire. Eventually, a large portion of the in-stream structures failed due to undermining and lack of structural integrity of the baskets.

We ensure that the solutions developed by our team of specialists are the most suitable to the specific needs. Praesidiad, a global provider of integrated betafencr security systems and solutions, today announces that Michele Volpi, CEO, will be leaving the company due to family reasons.

Stone fence system | Gabion stonewall | Betafence

Special orders can be registered for posts with a welded base plate. Lids and bases are sometimes supplied loose with helical spiral binders to connect the top and bottom of the open cells along one edge. Technical Information Specifications Panels assortment Additional information Your Zenturo privacy wall will be created with Zenturo Super panels, rectangular Zenturo posts, and specifics accessories. Alternatively, they may be factory fitted where practical for transportation purposes.

These products come with an installation guide that can also be found below on this page or on the Betafence Group Youtube Channel. Early gabions were round cages with open tops and bottoms, made from wickerwork and filled with earth for use as military fortifications.

On-site Cone penetration test Standard penetration test Monitoring well piezometer Borehole Crosshole sonic logging Nuclear densometer test Static load testing Trial pit.


A long list of recognized products known for their resistance to our environment. Your Zenturo privacy wall will be created with Zenturo Super panels, rectangular Zenturo posts, and specifics accessories. Coating technique and colors The panels are made of galvanized wire, and an adhesion layer is provided for perfect adhesion with the polyester top coat min.

Search form Search this site.