Title, Evolution by gene duplication. Author, Susumu Ohno. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Springer-Verlag, Original from, the University of Michigan. Title, Evolution by Gene Duplication. Author, Susumu Ohno. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Allen & Unwin, ISBN, , The genome of S. cerevisiae is characterized by a high genetic redundancy which can largely be attributed to a whole genome duplication event (Ohno, ;.

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The centromeric and nucleolus-associated heterochromatin of Rattus norvegicus.

Chromosomal constitution in glucosephosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency. He recognized that the chromatin body that was found in female cells was not, as had been previously thought, the two X chromosomes lying in apposition but rather that one X chromosome was heterochromatic. On the premise that each field of natural science has become too complex to be comprehended by a single man, it is more fashionable today to organize a committee of specialized scientists to write one book.

After several such copies have been made, and are also passed on to descendent bacterial cells, a few of these copies might accumulate mutations that eventually will lead to a side-activity becoming the main activity. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat If the duplication has no effect on fitness, it might be maintained in a certain proportion of a population. On the end-to-end association of the X and Y chromosomes of Mus musculus.

While these studies hardly foretold the profound insights that Ohno would have into biologic mechanisms, they established him as a highly skilled experimentalist.

Balancing selection Directional selection Disruptive selection Negative selection Stabilizing selection Selective sweep.

Fundamentals of molecular evolution. X-chromosome behavior in germ and somatic cells of Rattus norvegicus. It discussed in detail the X-inactivation hypothesis to which Ohno contributed so much and considered various mechanisms of dosage compensation.

Evolution by gene duplication – Susumu Ohno – Google Books

evolutioon On the latter occasion Lennart Olsen stated, He has thought at least half of the thoughts that form the basis of the work being carried out all over the world in respect to genetic analysis. The IAD model have been previously tested in the lab by using bacterial enzyme with dual function as starting point. Functional divergence between the duplicate genes is another possible fate.

In the middle s Ohno became interested in the evolution of DNA sequences. By allowing the bacteria with this enzyme to evolve under selection to improve both activities original and side for several generations, it was shown that one ancestral bifunctional gene with poor activities Innovation evolved first by gene amplification to increase expression of the poor enzyme, and later accumulated more evlution mutations that improved one or both of the activities that can be passed on to the ono generation divergence [2].


In mammals this ultimately led to the nearly functionless Y chromosome. Several models exist that try to explain how new cellular functions of genes and their encoded protein products evolve through the mechanism of duplication and divergence.

The underlying mutational event of duplication evolufion be a conventional gene duplication mutation within a chromosome, or a larger-scale event fvolution whole chromosomes aneuploidy or whole genomes polyploidy. Although his ample bibliography is replete with multiauthored papers in leading scholarly journals, it is in these monographs that he was able to most fully explore his innovative ideas about biology.

His graduate work in the area of immunology brought him in contact with Keiji Aoyama, and it was through this. In addition, he was taught by tutors to learn Chinese language and Chinese history. Such promiscuous protein functions, if they provide an advantage to the host organism, can then be amplified with additional copies of the gene. The second of five children, he was the son of the minister of education of the Japanese Protectorate of Korea. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Honorary degrees were conferred upon him by the University of Pennsylvania in and by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in This concept had been expressed earlier by Haldane, but the explosion in modern biology and molecular genetics made it possible to assess for the first time the important role that gene duplication played in evolution.

Ohno selected the Hokkaido University Faculty of Sciences for his graduate studies, because a professor there, Sajiro Makino, was well known for his study of chromosomes, a topic that had begun to interest Ohno. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. Instead, he was sent by his family to one of the best private schools. He has thought at least half of the thoughts that form the basis of the work being carried out all over the world in respect to genetic analysis.

Susumu Ohno

He later became a citizen of the United States of America. The youngest son lives in Las Vegas, where he works as a croupier. Page Share Cite. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Any gene on such a plasmid is also replicated and the additional copies amplify the expression of the encoded proteins, and with it any promiscuous function. If the amount of gene product is below its optimal level, there are two kinds of mutations that can increase dosage: The gene duplication in itself is neither advantageous, nor deleterious, so it will remain at low frequency within a population of individuals that do not carry a duplication.

Allocycly of the X-chromosome in tumors and normal tissues. Biographic Memoirs Volume 81 contains the biographies of deceased members of the National Academy of Sciences and bibliographies of their published works. The biologist, with no formal training in music, “decided to assign notes according to the molecular weights” and “put the heavier molecules in lower positions, and the lighter molecules higher”. Novak, director of professional education and scientific reports at the City of Hope National Medical Center, was a great aid in writing this biographical memoir, and the author appreciates this valuable resource being made available.

This comes about by activity reducing degenerative mutations in both duplicates, accumulating over time periods and many generations. In contrast to the DDC model, the EAC model puts more emphasis on the multi-functional pre-duplication state of the evoljtion genes and gives a slightly different explanation as to dupliaction the duplicated multi-functional genes would benefit from additional specialisation after duplication because of the adaptive conflict of the multi-functional ancestor that needs to be resolved.

Of his siblings Susumu was the only one to leave Japan; all of his brothers and his sister lived their entire lives on the Japanese islands. Only the cistron that became redundant was able to escape from the relentless pressure ono natural selection.

The end result would be the same as under the DDC model, two functionally specialised genes paralogs. His father was entitled to maintain both an automobile and a horse on his property, and he normally traveled to his office on horseback.

In studying the phylogenetic derivation of the X chromosomes, he recognized that they must have developed from a pair of autosomes, one of which underwent specialized development.