You can receive a PostScript error when sending a file to a PostScript . invalidexit; invalidfileaccess; invalidfont; invalidrestore; nocurrentpoint. Visual Studio\Preview\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft \NuGet\s(,5): error: Invalid restore input. Inva. When trying to delete a page from the pdf, I get an ‘invalid restore’ error. What to do next? I have created an page pdf document and I need to remove one.

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Try opening all graphics in the application used to create them to check for corrupted data. Choose one of the following: If invalidreetore imported graphic still causes the error, try resaving it in a different format.

The following offending commands indicate a problem with specific masks for example, clipping paths:.

The initial file provided had a. Choose Background Printing from the pop-up menu in the Print dialog box, select Foreground, and then click Print. If a group causes an error, print one page at a time from that group.

For font-related errors, try changing the font-related settings in the device driver.


Moodle in English: invalidrestorefile error on course restore

Troubleshoot possible causes of a PostScript error. The code you reference in the error is: To determine if the file itself is damaged, copy the file’s contents into a new file. Emma, I am not using a Mac using Windows.

So, you have bitmap data that exceeds the printer’s memory or PostScript language limit.

PostScript error: invalidrestore

Avoid invaalidrestore RGB colours in the files. Troubleshoot a problem further if you receive a non-specific PostScript error message, or if a PostScript error occurred without a message. To isolate the element or elements that cause the problem, make a copy of the file. I have just recently been getting an error from ghostscript as follows: Reinstall it from the original media.

To begin simplifying a complex file, do the following: Post as a guest Name. Following are common offending commands, grouped by general cause.

An error can also occur if the file’s PostScript code exceeds one or more of the limits in the PostScript page description language.

View or print a PostScript error message. If you see a moodle. I’m going to try to add one sub folder in the files folder jnvalidrestore a time to see if it is one file that causes the error. Select the General tab, select Printing Preferences, and then click Advanced.


There were extra files in the working file such as badges. Would the version difference cause this error? If you remove a page and the error doesn’t recur, the elements you just removed cause the problem.

Troubleshoot PostScript errors

There is no moodle. If the error doesn’t occur, the original file is damaged. If the error doesn’t recur with a different font, the previous font is damaged. Do one or more of the invalidresfore If the error does occur, run any built-in diagnostic routines your application offers. Microsoft has a patch available to address this problem.