Enphase software puts you in charge of solar monitoring. With Enphase MyEnlighten, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Enphase Enlighten Manager. Enphase Energy: Smart Solar & Clean Energy For Everyone. Username *. Enter your Enphase username. Password *. Enter the password that accompanies. Enlighten-module-arizona-solar-phoenix Another compelling piece of the Enphase story is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis system that gives you.

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The Enphase system is not intended as a back up. I would push for a longer warranty on the monitoring enligjten if i went through the process again. They sent out a tech without RF measuring equipment who ended up spending all day trying to reduce the interference.

A Reader’s Frustrations With The Enphase Enlighten Monitoring System – Solar Quotes Blog

I think there is some confusion with terminology. I am biased towards Enphase, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Your numbers do seem a bit low though. Then within another few weeks one inverter failed to report, this was replaced fairly quickly, about 6 weeks or so. At this stage both systems are working to expectation; Unfortunately I may not be about to assess the long term results of my efforts.

December 4, at The only difference between this application and the desktop version is the iOS version on the iPad supports access to the Envoy system.

Just out of interest how to you query envoy directly? Finally after getting quotes etc we had a 2kw system installed with the Karra modules and the Solarbridge inverters.

March 13, at 8: There are no consumption peaks overnight. July 31, at 2: Enphase has the data side well sorted. The APS inverters are only connected to phase one. Your numbers do seem a bit low though Loading When they first offered enlighten the individual moniitoring was free to everyone. I think the low-voltage-based microinverter solutions are superior to high-voltage DC-based soltuions given their reliability and safety. My original Best OZ panels are no longer available.


I have the identical setup installed by Tindo over 6 months ago.

Enphase Energy – Enlighten | Sign in to Enlighten

I contacted the installer and found out that the problem small charges on bright, cloudless, sunny days was due to high grid supply volts. They did also warn me about the issues with things such as bird poop and the fact that false alarm call-outs would nephase charged.

Or can i replace with newer model inverter or different model.

This has been designed to raise the profile of quality installers. We ended up intuiting that the inverters were their own broadcasters and the worst of the interference was on enligthen same plane as the inverters. More detailed information, including current and lifetime performance metrics, give users a true view of the benefits of the solar energy installation.

It will be available in the contacts section of our website once it goes live. The micro inverters are attached to and enllighten DC produced by the panel on the roof.

Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Service

My Envoy box is presently located inside the house connected with a Cat-5 cable to my Router. The sum therefore how much solar do you need to achieve that ratio and what is the ROI on that investment compared with achieving the same outcome with Elighten. Eventually panel and system monitoring was provided that is quite detailed. They are hamstringing their own business model by not doing this really! Hi Jon, Ronald here. They manage shading issues well and enable after some fnlighten individual panel level monitoring as well as detailed system analysis.

The question — is Enphase obliged to provide an unqualified end user with access to the Envoy interface so that person could make unintended — unauthorised changes to that systems configuration? That is correct As an enphase installer in the USA the module level monitoring is extra cost to the customer.


July 22, at 8: About 2 years down the road our first Microinverter failed… then another.

The supplier installed and left it in a hurry and told me I enphasw going o get access to MyEnlighten laterwhich eventually I did. August 10, at 4: This suits my situation but I have not found any information on a non-wi-fi solution. Meanwhile — this may help: There are two versions of the MyEnlighten user client interface one intended for domestic users [thats what i purchased] and the other for the installer [comes at additional cost].

Envoy supports WiFi which allows it to log to the Enphase Server provided that you have an always on internet router answering point. The cost of Storage versus Feed in can now be calculated. July 18, at 2: Have any programers cracked this problem yet?

A Reader’s Frustrations With The Enphase Enlighten Monitoring System

I would appreciate some advise. I have the ability to look at my system on any of o ur computers and enloghten phone as well as the ipads around the place and you will instantly see any issues. The power company is saying and tested the meter is accurate and the solar company is saying the same thing? After showing where it was included in my paperwork they agreed to activate it at their cost.

I have just relocated from North America to MY. I have found this page due to just having Enphawe inverters fitted to an existing Tindo system which began with Solarbridge inverters. Must say now after 3. Should I contact enphase rather than CTec Solar?