Dunblane Unburied has 7 ratings and 1 review. Lisa said: Very interesting read! Very brave of Sandra to delve into it all. Only wish more would listen to. Dunblane Unburied has members. The recent paedophile scandals involving MPs in the Tory Government of the s has rekindled interest in the truth. On March 13, , in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 children ages 5 and 6 were shot to Her book, “Dunblane Unburied,” tells us the following.

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They Shoot Children, Don’t They? A Retrospective on Dunblane, 18 Years On

Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. I asked the boys what was wrong. This man was standing upright in a funny way although I can’t remember seeing his hands or a gun or anything Yet it is also possible that he was hypnotized to do it.

Gunn was required to give an explanation to Mill. As the children were all conscious and breathing, the policeman continued running towards the doors leading to the gym.

However, he seemed cheerful, according to his neighbours. So I would just like to ask this one glaring question – did Thomas Hamilton carry out this killing or did he not? Hamilton seemed to be more interested in getting the boys changed into their PE gear to play football or handball than doing badge work such as map reading and bird-watching, which did not involve getting changed.

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On one Wednesday there would be the infants’ assembly, that is Primaries 1, 2 and 3, then an assembly for Primaries 4, 5 and 6, and a senior assembly for Primary 7. The man he was talking to was driving a large grey saloon car and Hamilton waved and smiled at him as he drove away. When I got there I asked Hamilton what had been going on. It appeared to be a tool rack and had objects in it but Mrs McMillan was unable to see what they were. Sam Davie had a hold over Hamilton.


Dunblane Unburied April 8. After driving up the main drive, he had difficulty getting a parking space as there were lots of other vehicles parked there. Mill was on holiday at that point. He appeared to be lost and unsure as to where he was going, but then turned into the access road leading into the Nursery playground where the Primary 1 and 2 infants were. Is that why he hired a van the day before and offered to pay the full cost upfront, when he was only expected to pay a deposit?

It was a very dark night and I had my lantern.

They Shoot Children, Don’t They? A Retrospective on Dunblane, 18 Years On | Gumshoe News

The bullets he fired entered the cloakroom at the end of Hut 7. Join Group settings More. In different ways, Janet and I were threatened by both Hamilton and Davie. Is that the first time you had actually gone on to one of the camp sites? Forsyth urged Thomas Hamilton to publicise having his name cleared by the Ombudsman dublane She saw a white van driving very slowly between the two entrances to the school at about unbkried.

Mrs Harrild did not see unburief it was because she had taken refuge in a storeroom. The man he was talking to was driving a large grey saloon car and Hamilton waved and smiled at him as he drove away.


I had a box of cereal of my own and put it out for use.

StolenKids-Dunblane: – DUNBLANE UNBURIED by Sandra UTTLEY

Can you tell the Inquiry the nature of any discussion you had with him? They dunblanf had bloodstained clothing. He asked how to get to the Assembly Hall, and I told him to turn right after the main entrance. How did he speak? Still, I continued to answer all the questions as best I could.

One day the kids were made to go and collect firewood. And I think you concluded that there was nothing amiss in the manner in which Constables Gunn and Duncan had gone about their enquiries?

The last one ended 11 October Hamilton was paying for his drink and ciggies because Davie had no money. One thing we know for certain is that he had poor unbburied skills.

Mr Taylor was told by Mr Scott that Hamilton shot himself. If Hamilton had continued running clubs for under-eights, the following checks on him would have had to be dunboane. Hamilton wanted them to bring more wood after lunch and I told him there was enough for four to 5 days already. In the end, there were two vital witnesses who did not give evidence at the Inquiry: