THE effect of wear and tear of the tailstock assembly of a lathe affects the accuracy of the finished product in several different ways. Wear on the bed-ways or. Assembly and Disassembly of Tailstockkiran wangikar Explain Tailstock And Its Components Lathe Machine: Production Lab MechanicalUPSC IAS. Preparing two wooden blocks (used as sleepers) and wire for guiding lead wires will be helpful. Disassemb ly and assemb ly tools. Disassembly and assembly.

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Cap screws inside the bed. Unscrew the nut and its off. If his trouble was not being able to take the round-sliding-thing out of the casting,perhaps as suggested the anti-rotation key runs in a keyway one end of which is blind,so perhaps the bearing assy for the screw has to come out and the ram then comes out the back?

Tailstock dissassembly

The hardest surface it should touch off the lathe is wood. Finally, the locking lever and mounting bracket are reinstalled. My Uncle had a hand wheel assembly that obviously does not go to this tailstock.

This dosmantling or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Cabinet top before cleaning and painting.

Teknatool International

The tailstock was the easiest component to restore. Be careful not to insert the wrench too deep so it engages the actual set screw before you have removed the lock screw on top. What better way to cure that “inexperienced” condition?


The hole in your part for the pin of the wrench has oon damaged by folks doing it the brutal wrong way with a drift or screwdriver used as a punch. Login to Your Account.

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Wouldn’t be as bad if he didn’t use a naughty childs profanity to puff himself up in front of an audience. The lathe was made the year I was born and it weighs But we haven’t helped the poor guy trying to take his apart. Overall view of the spindle. I tend to infer that the essence of “quillness” in the machinery world is hollow-with-something-spinning-inside, thus the drillpress and Bridgeport quills.

Pulley and carrier cylinder.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I keep subtracting these weights from the estimated total ofhoping to end up with nice small numbers for the bed and cabinet so I can roll them downstairs into my machine shop with a Yates appliance dolly.

Shim for dovetail segment and tailstock pads. I’ve posted how to remove that bushing but it was some years back and I can’t find it now. I looked at the manual. By TD’s reasoning, the part of his anatomy that he uses when he’s demonstrating his naughty little word, is a quill but it just goes in and out, no torque, so it must be just a spindle!

Next I lightly oiled the inside of the ram housing with type C oil and installed the shaft and retaining nut. Fun With Tailstocl Machinery. The actual total, nuts, bolts and everything, comes to lbs.

Dovetail ways and shims. A coat of car wax will keep them from rusting too fast. I believe it was manufactured in the early s 8C serial number It appears to be in very good condition overall but there is a problem with the tailstock. A bit perplexed here, the tailstock in your photo is shown perched on the steel rungs of a taolstock cart. To cut those radii for the threaded antirotation holes you kind of need one- plunging with an end mill is the way to go.


Extend the quill 3″ or so and use a 2 drift in the exposed hole. The bracket that ov the tailstock to the bed is trivial to remove. How do i get the last part out. You do have a mill, right? The crank handle comes off with a punch and hammer.

They probably have one the correct screw size. Spindle rear showing, left to right, asdembly drive gear it is in one piece with the ring that has the set screw holebearing retaining ring, rear ball bearing. The correct tool for the job is a pin spanner tailstoock, look it up. SO here is where I am.

I could also be completely wrong Usually other confounding clues can lead you to some more understanding of the construction. The goal is to apply axial force to the bushing with no damage to any part of the tailstock. Just make sure your feet are out of the way.