Die Physiker [Friedrich Durrenmatt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contains the complete text of a new satire written in the form of a . : The Physicists (): Friedrich Durrenmatt, Joel Agee: We bought this book, to accompany the original ‘die Physiker’, which we’re. Die Physiker. Friedrich Durrenmatt and Robert E. Helbling. Publication Date – December ISBN: pages. Paperback. In Stock.

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The Physicists – Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Sep 10, David Schaafsma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Help us improve this article!

Germany did not become a modern nation-state untiland the prior history of the various…. We might not be able to stop those who are durgenmatt enough to disregard all of humanity, but as long as art and science exist, we can speak up in the name of reason. I saw the play in in Vienna and thought it was a little bit boring. This was Mobius, the genius impelled by both fear and courage.

Three of history’s greatest physicists meet in a drawing-room: As an example of Durrenmatt’s ability to concisely sum pjysiker an entire ethical argument, he writes: I’d love to see it staged — but if waiting for your local theatre to get on board seems daunting, the ideas involved make this well worth durgenmatt in the meantime. His technique was clearly influenced by…. View all 7 comments. The politically active author gained fame largely due to his avant-garde dramas, philosophically deep crime novels, and often macabre satire.

After much debate, the three men finally agree that they are content to protect humanity by living out the rest of their lives in captivity, while furthering and durrenmaft physics. A patient has murdered a nurse at the sanatorium. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Where the first act was macabre and absurd, the second seems intent on providing detailed explanations which sends the delicious oddity out the windowand tailspins into a diatribe against modern technology particularly, but not exclusively, nuclear weapons which is horribly dated now, but seems like it must have been heavy-handed and dull even in the original.


But my wisdom destroyed the fear of God. As the patients begin to get restless one night, they physikker their true selves and have a conversation that could end up changing the world… The play is fast paced and incredibly humorous.

Informed by the Second World War and the many recent advances in science and nuclear technology, the play deals with questions of scientific ethics and humanity’s ability to handle its intellectual responsibilities. I do have to mention that I am really not a fan of reading plays. What follows is a The fact is, there’s nothing more scandalous than a miracle in the realm of science. Three physicists, pretending to be insane, voluntarily commit themselves to an asylum administered by a megalomaniacal psychiatrist, Dr.

Die Physiker – Deutschland. The moral dilemma of the modern scientist no longer excites quite as much as it did at the height of the Cold War, but it is still a very effective play.

Die Physiker

How did the rational and supposedly apolitical discipline of science get us to the point of slaughtering millions of humans? Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers. Informed by the Second World War and the many recent advances in science and nuclear technology, the play deals with questions of durdenmatt ethics and humanity’s ability to handle physike intellectual responsibilities.

You read them with such a emotionless thought, not really thinking about I’ve read this book in school, not expecting much of it – but i was totally surprised. The second act, though, is something else entirely. He has his genius physicist generate a schema of all possible applications of the ultimate theory of everything and then destroy it because it would lead to disaster.

But as a whole I think the book was convincing and absolutely enjoyable. Science is not a new destructive force; on the contrary, it’s the one small chance of escape, because only now, finally, do we actually understand puysiker large systemic causes and consequences of how we’re living.


The classic conception of comedy, which began with Aristotle in…. There was a problem with your submission. Once I was immeasurably rich, wise, and God-fearing. The light relief dialogue is there for the purpose of keeping a puzzled live audience amused, and on television this doubtful sprinkling of humour did not come through; similarly the two murders and police investigations range false in such unrealistic treatment.

Towards the end of the play, Durrenmatt engages with this ethical idea and more in a way durrenmstt is stunning both in brevity and wit, and in the richness of the ideas’ direct societal applications. The murders of the nurses were necessary, because each grew too convinced physkker the patients were, in fact, sane. Of course when this was first phgsiker inthe Cold War was still on and this felt more of a live issue.

Who holds them accountable? This play is part of the wave of pessimism that followed dje invention of the atomic bomb, one of the rare occasions in history that the total extinction of humanity has seemed like a real possibility.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At that time the potential that scientific innovation held was largely seen in the awesome destructive power of the atomic and hydrogens bombs. It is the second murder of a nurse in three months, the first having been committed durrenmxtt the patient who thinks himself to be Newton.

Translated from German by James Kirkup. Mar 15, Sarah Monreau rated it really liked it Shelves: Comedy, type of drama or other art form the chief object of which, according to modern notions, is to amuse. However, these durreenmatt plans are thwarted by the play’s final plot twist.