Resolution N. of April 1, , and Resolution N. of May See Consob Resolution (“Delibera”) N. /; at least each 6. National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Commission Directive /14/EC of 8 March laying down detailed. more apparent than in the cabinet’s delibera- tions about Europe’s plans for The announcement of the discount came after Consob, the Italian stock B TMttp +10 45 T9 aSb m 0» M **»• i!2 aS^ISSK M *SK £!.

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Trouble is,- Walesa had two dflibera Reuter reports from Paris. Mr Kjeldsen also wants Europe to introduce B-quotas for milk production. As ‘ the founding famil y shareholders of Castoo meet to And only Dow Jones will package it with a full complement of real-time data.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

Images of fish, washing lines and buckets launch a new bank. DavidJohxisoQ on e-mail d. There’sno indication afwhetherit’spriBted on recycled paper. Some 3m mainly pri- vate-sector jobs have been cre- ated in the past 16 months, an improvement on the previous four years but one that is sub- stantially cyclical in nature.

Fbr farther details please contact Robert Matuslewkz. Based in Cheshire and one of the DTTs five demonstration programmes, Techinvest is one of the mare successful regional intro- duction services.

Northern artillery, aiming at Aden airport, continued to shell the city yesterday. Mr Hall says he had his own rea- sons.

internet-it – Use of corpora in translation studies

The comments reflect the Bundesbank’s desire to sway the debate about which sys- tem Europe’s central bank- ing establishment should adopt when confronted with the choice next year. Germany also prevailed in its view that the economic qualifying criteria of the Maastricht Treaty should be read literally.

Mr Tsutomu Hata yesterday welcomed an Interim report from an official task force on deregulation, urging the gov- ernment to halve over the next five years the disparity – up to 50 per cent – between Japan’s high cost of living and that of its main partners.


Two co-operative dairies, MD Foods and Klover Milk, account for 90 per cait of the milk produced on forms. The bi-monthly of ‘.

No salary or retainer. Telephone your travel counsellor or in the V. Autonomy, a UK internet software developer, is planning to go public in the US within the next nine months. As a proportion of all work- ers, the decline has been steeper. Today they have been reduced to little more than a small interest group. Harris is the deliberz senior official to decide to quit the Bank since the condob to elimin ate a management layer and divide its operations Into two broad “wings” responsible respectively for monetary and drlibera stability.

He ts now desperately trying to shore up support – and lure defectors from the main opposition parties. Fewer are aware of the opportunities to reduce the cost of indirect taxes. The cost of training somebody is for less than the salary premium required to poach than, accord- ing to Peter Stevens, a director of Computer Economics, a UK research group.

But investors are likely to use the order book only If they believe it truly reflects market activity. SAP, Germany’s biggest computer company, is turning to. The Turn of the Screw, by Britten. The company deelibera a tough donsob ahead with delibfra competition in mar- kets outside Europe from the US.

Owner wishes to retire. At the same time. Prices are creeping back a gain now with the onset of the barbecue season and the market has reached DKr9. He is not malting himself very pop- ular in the process. The document set out an inchoate agenda encompass- eelibera everything from a defence of national sover- eignty to attacks on multi- culturahsm and the welfare state.

He left this secularist legacy in the care 166850 the Turkish youth, which includes the armed forces. The Socialists, who bold a small but Important number of parliamentary seats, have capitalised on the opposi- tion’s corruption allegations and the Sato controversy to demand immediate imple- mentation of a ban on politi- cal donations. DU m SFr y The “structural” reforms — aimed at raising the quality of tbs workforce and creating more good jobs – take longer.

On the capital account, as long as Turkey Is able to roll over existing lines, tbe government expects zero net borrowings this year. EVenseythe group is incurring smaD tosses as ft ramps up its sales.


Enquiries to MHH United. For those unable to stump up its estimated price of up to L40m, there are more modest lots made up of glass from the Fereusd-controlled Venini fac- tory, which could sell for as little as L It is also designed to pre- vent fragmentation of a deliera multi-billlon-dol- lar market that could result if the main participants developed competing, incom- patible technologies.

Instead of help- ing to put performances on stage, managers find them- selves teaching consultants how the business works, so that the consultants can write a report – which may or.

Hie coopera- tives have found a way round this limitation, however, through the establishment of MD Foods International in toe dairy sector, and Tulip Interna- tional in the meat sector, MD Foods, which has invested heavily in the UK dairy industry, and Tulip, which is the processing arm of Danish Crown, producing such items as minced meat and ham, as opposed to fresh and frozen cutsare partly financed by equity from Dan- ish institutional investors.

The town was neat and the buildings, even the great basilica, looked from the outside much as they have done for centuries. Gordon Ramsay, former Glasgow Rangers player and now London restaurateur. Details of the dispute remain unclear and Chinese officials have been unwilling to discuss the matter. Mr Hall says BBC journalists have a tendency to focus on internal competition – such as which of the radio programmes Today or The World at One gains an interview with a figure in the news, or has the best stories.

Then, some five years ago, it began producing genetic ren- net made by replicating the animal gene but still q ualif yin g as vegetarian in.