Cloud Charts Trading success with the Ichimoku technique David Linton Upata et ose ‘vend ‘on it tan we sao mea? Fae 4a a eas te mse Fetaioin eatin. David Linton was born and raised near Melbourne, Australia and studied engineering at . Preface. Cloud Charts – Trading success with the Ichimoku technique. Ichimoku Charting How to read the Clouds for Profitable Advantage David Linton CFTe MSTA Chief Executive Updata plc [email protected] Daily testing.

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I am convinced I could find a better looking chart now and make that back up.

And I will daivd add some lump sums along the way. Markets had a mixed week. This is how I will calculate the performance going forward.

Cloud Charts: Trading Success With The Ichimoku Technique by David Beckett Linton

And I noticed the company was announcing results last Thursday. I would like to start my review pointing out some of the good things about this book. Hopefully we will have a better week in markets this coming week and my portfolio can truly start to outperform.

I wished there was more on techniques for entering or exiting a position. The chart below shows the sort of stock I look for.

The choice is yours.

My Portfolio Blog by David Linton

I will say that I did pick up a couple interesting points in davvid book, and reinforced some notions I’ve developed on my own. Trading in the Zone: On thing I do keep an eye on is the Alpha of my portfolio – the amount I outperform the market by. The screen below shows the same process for finding the replacement US stock. It’s a good read for someone who’s after a bunch of ideas, but not for someone seeking deeper solid take-aways.


I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? So I had some choices: I am sure this rout will be short lived and the market will davvid back next week and after as we head into the stronger seasonal period.

The chart of my performance below shows how with a bit more active management in the last few weeks, I have managed to out-perform the market.

I have decided to limit myself to the FTSE where there is quite good liquidity and run the scan. In my personal feeling, it is a very good book worth to read. I wasn’t so motivated by taking a profit, it was more that the chart was starting to look less good. The value of these numbers is to understand what upside is needed to hit an annual target.

Since the start of November, I am up 9. Optimized stop-losses aim to trap abnormal retracements in stock prices but back-testing which percentage of trailing stop has worked best in historically. Most of the time it pays to sell when the optimised stop is breached. I bought the better looking chart of the two a software company and noted that the consensus broker forecasts was not particularly positive, not that such things matter to a technician.


With the market falling so heavily I decided to take a close look at the 60 minute charts for timing RH charts. It is also interesting to note that the On Balance Volume is not making new highs which is a sign of bearish divergence.

Cloud Charts: Trading Success With The Ichimoku Technique

Good upside targets and breaking to a new high. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I find it is normally best to wait a day. Part two introduces the reader to the basic indicators used in Ichimoku charts David calls them cloud charts.

For this you need to watch my Optimised Exit Strategies module of ichimoju course. And if tax wrappers are not used or trading occurs in other jurisdictions, gains may be taxable. James C added it Jun 20, The second one is a US stock which I will look to sell as well.

The discrepancy in screen shot above valuation of only current holdings broker screen and daid below which reflects all trades. In the first 2 weeks, my portfolio is up 4.