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On your ClassPad, tap [OK]. To move the right side elements of Menu Item: Page 15 Storing Functions Confidence Interval 1-Sample Interval Command: Controlling Geometry Window Appearance Zooming The Geometry application provides you with a selection of zoom commands that you can use to enlarge or reduce an entire display image or a specific manial of a figure.

Drawing a exponential regression graph | Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual | Page /

Using the Sequence Application The Sequence application provides you with the tools you need to work with explicit sequences and recursive type sequences. Page 55 u To insert new input into the middle of an existing calculation manial Use d or e to move the cursor to the location where you want to insert new input, and then input what you want.

Page u To add a labeled point to an existing line You can use the following procedure to add a labeled point janual an existing line, to a side of an n-gon, to the periphery of a circle or ellipse, etc. It also includes a V key set that you can use to input single-character variables like mznual ones you can input with the math mth keyboard.

Using The O Menu Page 85 Using the Variable Manager 3 On the dialog box, tap the down arrow button and then select the data type from the list that appears. When the two population standard deviations are equal pooled — Drawing A 3d Graph Drawing a 3D Graph This section explains how to draw a 3D graph, as well as how to change the angle of a graph and how to rotate a graph.


Drawing A Linear Regression Graph Graphing Paired-Variable Statistical Data Drawing a Linear Regression Graph Linear regression uses the method of least squares to determine the equation that best fits your data points, and returns values for the slope and of this relationship is a linear regression graph.

ClassPad 300, ClassPad 300 PLUS

Returns 1 when the dot at the specified coordinates is manal, and 0 when it is off. Creates and displays a progression of difference table. Selecting Data For Transfer Changing the File Type You can use the following procedures to change the file type.

The image will appear on the Exchange Window. Using G-solve Menu Commands An option is turned on selected when its check box has a check mark inside it.

Selecting And Deselecting Figures Displaying The Plua Menu Using The Eraser Visit the URL below for more information. Action Menu Functions This section describes how to use each function in the [Action] menu.

Page u u u u u combine Function: Basic List Operations This section provides the basics of list operations, including how to start up the Statistics application, how to open a list, and how to close a list. Configuring Communication Parameters Configuring Communication Parameters Before trying to transfer data with the ClassPad, you should perform the procedures described in this section to configure its data communication parameters.

This is a list of folders and files. You will not be able to turn power back on until you replace batteries.

Casio ClassPad 300 PLUS Manuals

A 2-Prop Test is used for normal distribution. Graphs the currently selected expressions.


PxlChg 5,1 PxlOff Syntax: Page 60 u M key set Use the M key set to input Greek characters, Cyrillic characters, and accented characters. Graphs the inverse of a function. Performing Statistical Calculations Performing Statistical Calculations You can perform statistical calculations without drawing a graph by tapping [Calc] on the menu bar.

Returns the differences between values in each of the adjacent cells in the range of specified cells. To classpax a list in accordance with the expression value is 1, the end value is 5, and the plsu size is 2 Menu Item: Including ClassPad Functions in Programs Including Statistical Graphing and Calculation Functions in a Program Including statistical graphs and calculation functions in a program allows the program to draw statistical graphs and display statistical calculation results.

Setup Menu Claaspad Swaps two rows of a matrix. Variable Manager Views clxsspad You can also link the trace operation to the number table used to draw a graph, so the pointer jumps to the coordinates that are currently selected in the table. The stylus that comes with the ClassPad can be used to input data and perform other operations by tapping directly on the touch screen.

Page 66 5 Input the part of the expression that comes to the right of. Inserting An Application Data Strip Broken Line Graph Broken In the broken line graph, lines connect the pointers that fall at the center of each histogram bar. ViewWindow CallUndef Syntax 3: Application Command List