Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. I’m running both Battle Century G and Mechas , as we really enjoy both systems, but Mecha, even tho it is. Mecha RPG Softcover has 10 ratings and 6 reviews. Reynaldo said: This is a clever little system that does a very good job at delivering what it promises. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups. Mecha is a honest game who have it flaws but who is also quite.

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In other words, when considering a “stunt” that uses movement to attack, you or, at least, I think of a fast mech using its speed and maneuverability as a weapon. One thing I have done that was really cool, was asking the players to create their own mecha, then to tell them: The scarcity of the section on setting creation…guilty.

Maybe low rating skills could be geared toward comedy to fit the genre together with the high rating skills. Also, the pilot will always be there for his mecha, who needs to be led to glory on the battlefield.

With that said, I want you to know we really appreciate all the praise for the game. How many times can you activate it mehca roll?

[Chris Perrins’ Mecha] Got the game, loving it so far but I need help to patch some issues : rpg

That’s not a bad idea Wordman. May I ask what you use them for? Jun 12, Ryan Aech rated it liked it.


Of course my complaints might as well be just my ignorance with ;errin this, but I really need help. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups.

The above image is licensed under GPL 2. This is the first of a series of short updates I hope to send over the next few days. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I guess you are seeing them as sort of being sacrificed to provide the attack, while I get see them as being used directly. I look forward to setting down with the gaming group and giving this system a whirl. Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. SuperSimpleDriver marked it as to-read Jul 30, I am not certain this is present in all of the printings. Books by Chris Perrin. Tactical Points are very abusable: Therefore, a character never need to have less than a 3 in Mecha Combat.

Mecha by Chris Perrin: still supported? – Story Games

I will be more than happy to add more tables if they will help. With the other groups I dint have this problem. Cedric, Thanks for the post.

Because character with a rating 1 skill seem VERY clumsy, socially inept, stupids, etc. The best feature is setting the stakes represented by the map objective. To be honest, in terms of World Building, I haven’t really thought about it since publication.

Mecha Combiners — People perein been asking for Voltron rules for Mecha since before we released it.


The abhumans, telepathy, etc. Feedback from people who like and hate the game can only make it better. Nevermind that I wrote it! Low rating skills seem to simulate a gritty realistic universe while high rating skill take you in the super heroic manga realm.

Would you mind giving it a read at some point? That said, prior to that, we had a lot of fun with the system. The variable target numbers: In all, its a fine system, and a fantastic effort.

You have have any world building stuff that needs tried out now or eventuallyI’m happy to be a lab rat. We try to keep the lists below perdin to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time. Mecha Setting Creation Edited for Vanilla link wonkiness.

Either way, thanks for the critique. In one game with 3 rookies mecha pilot with mecha combat skill of 1 or 2, damaging other mechas was a pain as they soaked nearly all the damages.

But sadly weapon damage types only come up when someone use the defender configuration.

Mecha by Chris Perrin: still supported?

But this was related to the skills setting the target numbers. Mecha configuration are fun and colorful. Comments Only backers can post comments. It a perrjn buy-in for the game.