The Book of Lambspring [Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thank you for checking out this book by. The Book Of Lambspring: A Noble Ancient Philosopher Concerning The Philosophical Stone [Arthur Edward Waite, Nicholas Bernaud Delphinas] on. Opening the Book of Lambspring Christopher Bradford. A Guide to the Underworld. Published in November, 66 pages.

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The reproductions can be found here PDF available at the e-manuscript platform.

Thus shall you receive and learn the truth, And use this great gift of God for good ends. Scope of this Article I will purposefully omit various aspects and details of this work that are best left unsaid. Then they also will become a vast sea, The vastness of which no man can describe. It is depicting the notion that initiation is a spiritual evolution. The life of a true initiate isn’t always rational. A nest is found in the forest, In which Hermes has his brood; One fledgling always strives to fly upward, The other rejoices to sit quietly in the nest; Yet neither can get away from the other.

So we’re dealing with a description of what the initiate will need to climb the Tree of Life and experience rebirth: It doesn’t have to be. That is, to be in complete servitude of his Higher Self or not.

Click to enlarge Let the Body be placed in horse-dung, or a warm bath, the Spirit having been extracted from it The Body has become white by the process, the Spirit red by our Art.

The Sages do faithfully teach us That two strong lions, to wit, male and female, Lurk in a dark and rugged valley. The Mercury having been often sublimed, is at length fixed, and becomes capable of resisting fire: We have an answer here as to why the initiate viz.

All initiation is the intent of taking the initiate to this potential relationship. Properly understood, this particular stage in initiation as a prelude to the next, Figure XI highlights an energy state, a heightened raising of frequency. This sets up an interesting dynamic that requires the initiate to either surrender to the guidance of an experienced Guide or perish, figuratively, from absolute confusion.


I will purposefully omit various aspects and details of this work that are best left unsaid. So is the nature of the inner work.

The Book of Lambspring, | Compendium Naturalis

The blackness is called the head of the Raven; As soon as it disappears, A white colour is straightway manifested; It is given this name, despoiled of its head. Let the Body be placed in horse-dung, or a warm bath, the Spirit having been extracted from it The Body has become white by the process, the Spirit red by our Art.

All initiates will have a choice: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. On the periphery, we have several details here that are as significant as the action unfolding at the center is. They [stag and unicorn] are concealed in the forest, But happy shall that man be called Who shall snare and capture them. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. In all fables we are told That the Salamander is born in the fire; In the fire it has that food and life Which Nature herself has assigned to it.

The Body is mortified and rendered white, then joined to Soul and Spirit by being saturated with them. One kills the other, And from them comes a great poison. This philosophical notion contained in this imagery is not particularly unique or surprising. He commits him to a guide, Who is to conduct him whithersoever he will. From having undergone this accelerated state, the initiate now born new of this experience, cements this as an intellectual insight symbolized by the appearance of a large castle on the left shore of land.

If we examine the nature of a stag, its antlers regularly drop and grow as part of its nature.

The Mercury is precipitated or sublimed, dissolved in its own proper water, and then once more coagulated. The one that is below holds the one that is above, And will bpok let it get away from the nest, As a husband in a house with his wife, Bound together in closest bonds of wedlock.


In this particular image, the initiate has risen from his bed and visually is now seen sitting on par with his Higher Self.

Seven stone steps leading up to the throne. Figure I can traditionally be seen as a description of the nature of reality.

In another sense, the staff also lambsprinf being the master of inner fire, the inner control of frequency. We’re shown a male lion and a female lioness. Please click the Read More link at the bottom of each entry for more information.

How would one carry out our spiritual purpose if one wasn’t a master of our terrestrial affairs? Will he or she surrender to a Higher Call?

The symbolism of a mountain speaks plenty of folklore and mythologies characterizing the meeting place of Heaven with Earth. Paradoxically, the text explains and we learn that: Can you guess what popular alchemical icon this is depicting?

The Book of Lambspring

Click to enlarge This is the reiteration, gradation, and amelioration of the Tincture, or Philosopher’s Stone; and the whole is called its Augmentation. Figure VI is an example of this chemical truth in the lab; however, it represents its inner work counterpart here. It would make sense employing only the philosophy of Christianity that this choreography of an event be misleadingly described simply as ‘father eating his returning, prodigal son’.

In this sense, as well as the antler’s visual prominence, it is not far reaching to say that the stag represents the Tree of Life. The reality of the ego to be either inflated or in denial, and largely self-centered, comes to an end and the Higher Self then “absorbs” the lower self initiate. What this also tells us is that the fiery dragon cannot be meaningfully transformed in or with the intellect alone.