AMUSEMENTS IN MATHEMATICS HENRY ERNEST DUDENEY. AUTHOR OF IN issuing this new volume of my Mathematical Puzzles, of which some have. Henry Ernest Dudeney (10 April – 23 April ) was an English author and mathematician who specialised in logic puzzles and mathematical games. He is known as one of the country’s foremost creators of mathematical . The Canterbury Puzzles (); Amusements in Mathematics (); The World’s Best Word. Amusements in Mathematics (Dover Recreational Math) [Henry E. Dudeney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The legion of H. E. Dudeney .

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The professor lost the first game, which resulted in doubling the money that both Mr. Fallacies are cropping up now and again, and I shall have occasion to refer to one or two of these. The puzzle is to find out how much each of the four parties spent. The Scotsman then undertook to extend his promise for five more years, so that if next year the increased number of sovereigns that she has saved can be laid out in the same four different ways she will receive a second present; if she succeeds in the following year she will get a third present, and so on until she has earned six presents in all.

Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney

Gubbins, who liked a good puzzle, said to himself, “Of course it is possible to work out just how long those two candles were burning to-day. One might almost say there is a curious affinity between the Greek cross and Swastika! Many of the puzzles in this book assume a familiarity with the currency of Great Britain in the early s.

Now, how was Farmer Tompkins to find out from these figures how much every one of the five mausements weighed singly? If the figures that reached me from an occult source are correct, the following represents the state of affairs in this country. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Description Excerpt from Amusements in Mathematics In-issuing this new volume Of my Mathematical Puzzles, Of which some have appeared in the periodical press and others are given here for the first time, I must acknowledge the encouragement that I have received from many unknown correspondents, at home and abroad, who have expressed a desire to have the problems in a collected form, with some Of the solutions given at greater length than is possible in magazines and newspapers.


A number of market women sold their various products at a certain price per pound different in every caseand each received the same amount—2 s. In her day, she was compared to Thomas Hardy for her portrayals of regional life.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Tim, who was an early riser, arrived first on the job, and had painted three on the south side when Pat turned up and pointed out that Tim’s contract was for the north side. Now, assuming that the original intrinsic value of these coins hebry the same as their nominal value—that is, that the sovereign was worth a pound, the shilling worth a shilling, and the penny worth a penny—what proportion of each coin has been lost if the value of the three remaining fragments is exactly amusemente pound?

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Here is another entertaining problem with the nine digits, the nought being excluded. Tommy Smart was recently sent to a new school.

Now, it will be seen that the sum of the digits in the product is 16, which is neither the highest nor the lowest sum so obtainable.

It is so often the case, on the contrary, that the dull boy becomes a great man.

A man left instructions to his executors to distribute once a year exactly fifty-five shillings among the poor of his parish; but they were only to continue the gift so long as they could make it in different ways, always giving eighteenpence each to a number of women and half hemry crown each to men. Linda Doss rated it really liked it Mar 03, Dobson amused himself in discovering just how long it took those two donkeys to run the whole mile.


Henry Dudeney – Wikipedia

These puzzles usually dealt in some way or other with his accumulated treasure, and were propounded by him solely in order that he might have the pleasure of solving them himself. Now, I once noticed a foreman remove a number of these checks from his dudsney and place them on a split-ring which he carried in his pocket. Wild and Christine Armstrong to remain we should only have lost half our number.

How did the tradesman manage to give change? Perkins, of Putney, writes to me as follows: The five Spanish brigands, Alfonso, Benito, Carlos, Diego, and Esteban, were counting their spoils after a raid, when it was found that they had captured altogether exactly doubloons. Authorities, you may not know, differ erenst to the number of apples that were eaten by Adam and Eve. The electric light happened to be aumsements of order and he had to manage as best he could with two candles.

The Woman and the Car. Definitely a challenge in mathematics. Here hhenry a little puzzle from his works, which is at least interesting on account of its antiquity.

There were twice as many girls as boys. Thus, 1 4 6 5 8 divided by 7 3 2 9 is just as correct for 2 as the other example we have given, but the numbers are higher. Vintage Games with Letters and Numbers. An Englishman went into a shop in New York and dudenej goods at a cost of thirty-four cents. Now, what was that amjsements weight, if a brick Pg 23 weighs equal to a three-quarter brick and three-quarters of a pound? Here is a funny little age problem, by the late Sam Loyd, which has been very popular in the United States.

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