AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). Apr 1, AIR FORCE MANUAL , VOLUME 2,. PART 13 . AFMAN which are on file in Base Supply. Manual Supply Accounting Record. tional structure and procedures are outlined in the various volumes and parts of AFMAN , The. USAF Supply Manual. Scope. The procedures.

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If the evaluator is a Senior NCO with an awarded 7-skill level, the evaluatorappointment letter will serve as the STS qualification document.

Provide guidance to work center supervisors on utilization of manuak management products,shelf-life management, warranty parts management, and repair cycle management IAW AFMAN The Maintenance Support Section consists of two elements: First Sergeants derive their authority from the unit commander and exercise generalsupervision over all assigned enlisted personnel AFIThe Enlisted Force Structure. This includes seeing that operator maintenanceis usar and completed.

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Coordinate with maintenance work centers to identify components which have repaircapability. The squadron section commander assists the squadron commander and will work with theFirst Sergeant for health, morale, welfare, and discipline of all assigned personnel.


The Operations Officer will be the next senior officer and oversee thesophisticated and diverse day-to-day operations within the squadron. Ensure the proper storage and handling of controlled materiel to include the identification ofpersonnel authorized to perform materiel management functions for these items.

This position will be held by the senior ranking Chief Master Sergeant or other senior noncommissionedofficer, when possible. Acman inputs to add, change, or delete warehouse locations on item records. These items include common items, special clothing, field equipment, etc.

Take action to see that items are correctly identified. May delegate, in writing, non-Accountable Officer review and signature authority to theflight commander or flight superintendent.

Retain the technical order data when retagging items. Manage and control all rejects resulting from item records being frozen for inventory toinclude lifting the freeze code. FSC supports maintenance by providingcontrol of all items requiring repair or replacement.

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Conducts squadron deployment briefings. Request technical assistance from using maintenance activities and Demand Processing,when it is necessary to identify items.

Maintain suspense file of AFForm When unscheduled downtime requires remedial maintenance, theSSOO works with the CSB and local communication personnel if applicable to repair the terminal.

MSL advises decentralized materiel support personnel and maintenance leaders of supplysupport problems regarding the maintenance efforts and recommends corrective actions. Provide home-station training and use of degraded operation processingto ensure hands-on experience for LRS personnel. Evaluate unit logistics management procedures, including locally developed forms, publications,OIs, checklists etc. Responsible for overall training management for all assignedAFSCs.


In addition to the other functional responsibilities,the commander has the following materiel management related responsibilities: This section is responsible for the centralized managementand decentralized execution of core squadron systems i.

The SOW will alsoinclude those specified actions the Contractor will not be obligated to perform to or support like, but notlimited to, Government-Furnished Property and services. Provide technical guidance to other storage activities and organizations.

Submit system specific requirements to execute computer rotation plan. Satellite supply accounts are not authorized a deputy satellite Logistics ReadinessSquadron Commander. Organizations without a Squadron Superintendent will assign duties referenced above to theOperations Officer.

Volume 2 Chapter 1

Inform maintenance personnel of errors so they can correct their records or initiate othercorrective action. Manage flight programs such as rejects, document control, asset redistribution, etc. Areas authorized to evaluate will be identified in the evaluator’s individual trainingplan. Identify supply related training needs to maintenance work center supervisors.