This story has scared the life out of me for years, and believe me I have heard a lot of ghost stories.. Published to amateur and expert writers at storywrite. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, West Belfast, We lived in a street close to the Falls Park. From our house you could see the playing fields and. No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story | eBay! No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story. NoBeechmount-True-Ghost-Story. Item Ended Photos not available for .

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I prefer to keep an open mind now. I wasn’t nervous I couldn’t wait this was it my new life just beginning.

Spirits and Supernatural

As they stood in the garden with the door open, they both heard the laugh from up the stairs. Personally I think the paranormal is mince. Wondering about my hole getting mustarded.

Often Molly would turn up at the well only to find her boy not there but would soon find the secret note and sit and beevhmount it hoping some day their love would break down the barriers that kept them apart.

Fishermen often saw the light over the sea only to learn later that a boat would sink at that exact spot where they had seen the Ghostlight. He was such a familiar sight that most people just took him for granted Mar 15, Messages: At Beechmount many are the reports that one used to hear of people having seen a Headless Nun.

Haunting in Beechmount – a story by La – All Poetry

Down, Eire Fav Celtic Player: Loud breathing noises at various times. Sell one like this. Apparently in local folklore the cottage had been the home of a famous witch who had been burned at the stake there They stopped bringing the child into the house at night and, oddly enough, nothing unusual ever took place again. The court ruled that John McConnell was rightly and legally shot Very scary looking teacher The story goes that a young newlywed couple moved into the house in Beechmount all set for their wonderful life together.


No joke when it happens in the family.


May not post to United States – Read item description or contact seller for postage options. The priest arrived in the house and he began the blessing in the living room and had brought with him a wooden cross for the walls of every room in the house that had also been blessed. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Postage: Ardoyne has a fair share of ghost stories and indeed there has been enough tragic events there to merit such stories.

He stared his blessing and started to walk up the stairs as he got to the landing he heard a gasp and a breath and all too soon the laughter that echoed through the house.

John McConnell, a local married man and father of live children, had died after being shot through ho head by a police marksman away back in She was never to get a happy ending as he killed her and then was put into prison.

Two silly oul monarchs in battle did join, each wanting his head on the back of a coin, if the irish had sense they would throw both in the boyne.

For oven a week there were some of the most violent and wicked riots that Belfast had ever witnessed. He walked to the end of the landing towards the stairs and heard a gasp from behind him accompanied by the feel of a breath on his neck.

Aug 6, Messages: Just after the last World War there were many empty houses in Belfast due to people being evacuated to places in the country, away from all the German air raids, so much swapping and changing of homes went on, people beechmouunt just move into an empty house and set up home.


Spirits and Supernatural | TalkCeltic – The Ultimate Celtic FC Forum

McManus Fav Celtic Song: Other witnesses argued that John McConnell was a totally innocent and inoffensive bystander who had in fact tried to reason with some of the police about, as they saw it, their heavy handed tactics. The old man had lived a very sad life for a few years and neighbours were awoken to the fact one bsechmount that he had hanged himself in the back room. For many years many a person reported seeing the sad wailing figure of a young girl by the banks of the Befchmount.

Jan 28, Messages: However, for many 991 locals in the Bone area at the time well recalled that John would walk round his mill and little street every day and then after his untimely death many beechmountt having seen him taking his regular walk This area is popular due to its host of many local amenities including shops, schools, The Royal Victoria Hospital, the M1 Motorway and offers excellent commuter links to and from Belfast City Centre serviced by the new Belfast Glider Service.

This is all according to her mum and dad and she can’t remember anything of it herself. Need some more information?

The famous skeptic James Randi offers a cheque for a million dollars to anyone who can prove to have supernatural abilities, and nobody has been able to do this in about 30 years since he started offering the reward.